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Our Technologies

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01.Mould manufacturing

Many years of experience in developing and designing high precision molding tools.According to the industries best practices, we are using state of the art analyzing and designing software. LHE is developing new designs for inserts, small pin frames, ano multi-lumen frames and other injection molding products as well as stamping die products.


We can design cassette terminal and pin grid connectors individually according to customer requests.

Have over 35 stes MING XU Punch Machine.

Applicable material: Copper Alloy, Steel, Aluminium

03.Injection Molding

Have over 35 Haitian Injection Molding Machines.

Applicable material: PA, PBT, ABS,


Automatic Production Line–Supreme quality, efficiency and stability of our automatic production lines takes cutting, bending, assembly, welding and winding processes to a whole new level.

Equipped with CCD Online Testing,make sure all product are qualified


Physical Laboratory–Glowing wire test, tensile test, flexibility, impact strength

Reliability Test–High and low temperature exposure,salt mist chamber,Leakage electric tracking test

Dimension Metrology–The geometrical analysis of products contain: comparative analysis of 3D CAD models, trilinear measuring, high precision image processing.

Calibration-Caliper and micrometer calibration, Dial gauge calibration, Voltage Resistance, Voltage resistance calibration, Geometrical measurement.

What Customers Say

Carlo Baldacci

“Also offer good solution of connector problem.Have very Strong ability of mould development ”

Carlo Baldacci

Senior Engineer


Dror Ofir

“ Surprised by their mould production,can develop mould what I really needed,wonderful ”

Dror Ofir



Elena Cellerai

“ Very professional,Very good service,with high-quality connector can meet European market demand ”

Elena Cellerai

Managing director