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FFC & FPC Connector

FFC & FPC Connector

FPC Connectors (Flexible Printed Circuit Connectors) or FFC Connectors (Flexible Flat Cable Connectors) are cables that closely resemble ribbons. They are typically made of flexible plastic or film and have a metallic connector at the end. This type of connector offers a number of advantages, including high signal reliability, compact design, and a wide variety of size and cable options.

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Product Name and Description

Product Information

What are FFC& FPC Connectors?

FFC Connectors

Flexible flat cables (FFCs) are a type of ribbon cable that get their name from their wide, flat structure. They are typically straight connectors without any additional components. FFC cables are composed of a plastic film with multiple metallic connectors bonded to them. The space between each connector is called the ‘pitch’. An FFC is more than just a connector; it is a circuit board that is lighter, thinner, and more flexible than a traditional rigid circuit board.

FPC Connectors

FPC connectors provide a dependable and versatile solution for a variety of electrical applications. Their flat panel design makes them ideal for use in flat panel displays, but they can also be used in other devices such as car stereos, DVD players, and portable electronics. FPC connectors are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a durable and reliable electrical connector for your next project, then you may want to consider using FPC connectors.

Hot-sale products

0.5 17P 300WA4488(FFC)


0.5 17P 300WA4488(FFC)

0.5 17P 300WA4488(FFC)

0.5 12P 305A4488( FFC)

0.5 12P 305A4488( FFC)

Benefits of the FFC&FPC Connector

The use of FFC&FPC Connectors can help reduce board space. These connectors require less board space than other types of connectors, making them ideal for use in limited spaces. Also, it will Increase Reliability. The FFC&FPC Connector is designed for reliability and has a low contact resistance.

The FFC&FPC Connector is an economical solution for connecting two printed circuit boards together. This product is ideal for applications where board space is limited and where a reliable connection is required. The FFC&FPC Connector is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your specific application needs.


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