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Why do terminals of electronic connectors need plating?

Why do terminals of electronic connectors need plating?

Blog | Sep 26,2021

We know that terminal connectors are indispensable for conducting current or signals in equipment, so why use electroplating process for terminal terminals of electronic connectors? LHE connector tell you why the wiring terminal should be electroplated?



1, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation such as nickel plating, chromium, zinc, etc.


we usually terminal materials for copper, iron, etc., easy to oxidize in the air, electroplating a layer of metal with strong oxidation resistance can improve the corrosion resistance of terminal, but also to ensure the performance of current, signal transmission.



2, enhance the conductivity such as gold, silver, etc.


in the original material such as iron, phosphorous copper conductivity is usually below 20%, for the low impedance requirements of the connector can not meet the requirements of the time, need n to be in the surface electroplating and other high conductivity metal can reduce its impedance



3, enhance electroplating adhesion (such as copper plating)for poor adhesion of metal, usually before electroplating copper bottom to enhance adhesion



4, improve solder (such as gold, tin, etc.)


Due to the poor adhesion of the original material to tin, the surface of a certain thickness of tin and other materials can improve the welding resistance of parts.



5, beautiful, such as gold, silver, town, etc.)


after the electron microscope terminal metal is usually more shiny and bright appearance than the material, it looks more beautiful



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