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Why do connector production choose stamping process

Why do connector production choose stamping process

Blog | Nov 22,2021

With the increasing demand for high-precision micro terminal in the connector market, the stamping process is paid more and more attention by connector manufacturers.

As the first of the four core processes in manufacturing industry, the technological level of stamping production has a decisive impact on the quality of finished products.

Why do our connector terminals choose stamping production?

Mainly because the characteristics of stamping process and connector production characteristics match:

characteristics of stamping process

(1) stamping is a kind of processing method of high production efficiency, low material consumption, suitable for bulk parts products of the production, easy to realize mechanization and automation, has high production efficiency, at the same time, the stamping production can not only try to less waste, and no waste production, and even in some cases have leftover bits of material, also can make full use of.

(2) The operation process is convenient and does not require the operator to have a high level of skills.

operation process

(3) Stamping parts generally do not need to be machined, with high dimensional accuracy.

(4) The stamping parts have good interchangeability. Stamping processing stability is good, the same batch of stamping parts, can be exchanged with each other, does not affect the assembly and product performance.

stamping parts

(5) Because the stamping parts are made of sheet metal, its surface quality is good, which provides convenient conditions for subsequent surface treatment processes (such as electroplating and painting).

(6) Stamping processing can obtain high strength, stiffness and light weight parts.

Stamping processing

(7) Low cost of mass production of stamping with molds.

(8) Stamping can produce parts with complex shapes that are difficult to be processed by other metal processing methods.

Stamping can produce parts with complex shapes

LHE connector manufacturer established a perfect connector production line in Wenzhou Yueqing, introduced advanced automatic high-speed precision stamping equipment for production, greatly improved production efficiency and product quality. For connectors, choose LHE.

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