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What’s the difference between connectors, connector assembly, and terminals?

What’s the difference between connectors, connector assembly, and terminals?

Blog | Aug 09,2021

When connector manufacturer, zhejiang lianhe electronics provides pre-sales service for customers, it is common for customers to confuse connectors, connector assembly, and terminals. Some customers feel that these three are the same concept, here’s the knowledge what you need to know about the three product. So that we more clearly understand the connection and difference between these three.

The three concepts of “connector”, “connectorassembly”, “terminal”

 1. Connector, also known as connectorassembly, plugs and sockets in the domestic


Generally refers to an electrical connectors, that is a device that connects two active device to transmit a current or a signal (electrical or optical). It’s function is very simple, to build bridges of communication between blocked or isolated circuits in a circuit, this allows current to flow and enable the circuit to perform its intended function.


Connector, also known as connector assembly


2. The connectorassembly is an electrical connector assembly


Which is a positioning connector that connect the electronic circuit. It is composed of two parts, plug-in and connector. In general, the connector assembly can be completely separated, so the connector assembly can also be called the connector.


electrical connector assembly


3. Wiring terminal isa kind of accessories products, which is used to achieve electrical connection


It is used to facilitate the connection of wire. In fact, it is a piece of metal sealed inside insulating plastic, and both ends have holes for insertion of a wire. The wiring terminal can be divided into plug type terminal type, European type terminal, etc..


The relationship between connector, connectorassembly, and terminal

1. Connector and connector assembly is a general termwhich belongs to the first category


The difference is that the connector is the connection of wire to wire, the connector assembly is the connection of wire to board and box. In life, it is often blurred to classify the two as the same type of product, and wiring terminal belongs to a type of this category product.



The relationship between connector, connector assembly


2. The popular understanding of thethree types of connection


Connectors and connector assembly do not need to use tools, just plug or twist the male head and the female head to connect quickly. To connect the terminals, use a tool such as a screwdriver and a cold press pliers. Generally used for power input, output and so on.


three types of connection


The applications of connector, connectorassembly, and terminal

 1. Connectorsare mainly used in the connection between It is the essential core basic element of electrical connection in the circuit system


The main application fields of connectors are automobile, communication, computer and peripherals, industry, military and aerospace. With the development, the application scope is more and more wide, it can be used in almost every industry.


The applications of connector

2. Themost widely used terminals are PCB board terminals


In addition to hardware terminals, nut terminal, spring terminals and so on. There is a variety of classification of connector, Such as circular connector, rectangular connector, stepped appearance connecto Terminal strip generally belongs to the rectangular connector. The application range of terminal strip is relatively simple, generally used in the field of electronic and electrical, Used for PCB circuit board, printed board and the connecting cables insides and outside the PDC


most widely used terminals are PCB board terminals


In fact, “connector”, “connector assembly”, “terminal” three all belong to the same concept of different forms of application. It is popularly called according to different practical applications .


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