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What is SMD connectors

What is SMD connectors

Blog | Dec 09,2021

Speak of the SMD connector, technology achieves pasted on the surface is already in use in the 1950 s, but the development of the SMD connector is recent, main reason or SMT technology problem of the connector and failed to detect the SMD connector can effectively save the area of the plate road

SMD connectors

In the SMT process has been found for manufacturers can improve production efficiency and reduce cost Can also reduce the plate area, improve the design flexibility and other characteristics caused the attention of manufacturers, so that the SMD connector is widely used.

SMT process

The SMD connectors are divided into horizontal paste connectors (SMT) and vertical paste connectors (DIP), the differences between the two are:

1、SMT is generally installed without pins or short lead surface assembly components, need to print solder paste on the circuit board first, then through the SMT machine mount and then through the reflux laminating device

generally installed

2、And DIP welding is the device in the form of direct plug packaging, through wave soldering or manual welding fixed device. The over temperature of the SMD connector is above 260 for 3-5s

DIP welding

The composition of the SMD connector is mainly composed of plastic parts and pin pins:

1、The material of plastic parts is generally PA6T and PA9T, which are high temperature resistant materials.

SMD connectors are generally used in highway cameras, three-dimensional DC fans, intelligent electronics, air conditioners, HIGH-DEFINITION LCD televisions, notebook computers and other fields.

2、Pin materials are generally brass, bronze, phosphor bronze, etc.

The coating is usually gold plated (half gold) or tin plated.

The coating function of Pin needle is to resist oxidation, improve electrical conductivity and improve signal transmission speed.

After reading the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of the SMD connector, the SMD connector because of its advantages and favored by manufacturers, understand the SMD connector helps you to purchase the type of connector more comprehensive.

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