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What is a header connector?

What is a header connector?

Blog | Mar 19,2023

Header connectors are widely used in electrical connections; connectors usually include needle seats. Since the connectors involve power connections, in some humid or harsh environments, the needle seats are usually fitted with some sealing devices for sealing. Prevent water from leaking in and avoid safety issues such as short circuits.

The Header connector is composed of two parts, the base, and the terminal, and is a kind of plug-in conduction connection for electronic devices to achieve the function of power supply or signal transmission.

It can be said that as long as there is a place where the electronic product circuit passes, there will be a needle connector, which has brought progress and innovation to the progress of the electronic industry. This article mainly introduces the basic situation of the needle socket connector.

header connector

Due to the advantages of strong stability, high-temperature resistance, durability, waterproofing, and convenient use, needle-seat connectors have a very high market acceptance.

With the continuous progress of the electronic technology industry and the continuous improvement of living standards, the consumption of electronic products has been driven With the rapid development of the market, Header connectors are widely used in automotive electronics, medical equipment, avionics, camera equipment, PCB electronics, drones, audio equipment, testing equipment, and other industries.

divided into vertical stickers

Header connectors are divided into vertical stickers, horizontal stickers, vertical plugs, and horizontal plugs in terms of plug-in methods. There are many types of connector spacing options, such as 1.0 pitch, 1.25 pitch, 1.5 pitch, 2.0 pitch, 2.5 pitch spacing, 3.96 spacing, 4.2 spacing, 5.08 spacing, etc. Different word plug-in methods and spacing can be selected for design and development to meet customer needs.

When choosing a needle connector manufacturer to cooperate with, try to find a qualified and regular manufacturer, because the manufacturer’s experience and R&D technical strength guarantee product quality and stability, not only can give professional advice and support before sales but also in The after-sales service of the product pays more attention to the user experience, giving consumers a stronger sense of security.

excellent equipment

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