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What are the materials of common connectors

What are the materials of common connectors

Blog | Oct 28,2021

what materials are used for injection molding connectors


In the production of connection products in the plastic material is no lack of raw materials PBT plastic materials, nylon -66, 6T plastic materials, 9T plastic materials, LCP plastic materials, and the quality and temperature resistance of these five raw materials have different differences, the price is also different. The material properties of these 5 raw materials are introduced below.

materials used for injection molding connectors

1. PBT plastic material


PBT plastic materials are often used in the production of 2.54 spacing 180 degrees /90 degrees on the plate connector products, plastic terminal shell welding temperature is only about 200 degrees, due to the cost of relatively low other materials, high strength, friction resistance and other characteristics, now this material still has a lot of customers to choose. But the use of this material has poor formability, serious shrinkage, due to the low melting temperature, over wave welding will produce plastic melting phenomenon.

PBT plastic material

2. nylon-66


A desired resin. White solid. Density 1.14, melting point 253℃C. Insoluble in general solvents, only soluble jade constant steamed fruit, etc. High mechanical strength and hardness, great rigidity. Can be used as engineering plastics. Rockwell hardness 108-118. Thermal deformation temperature (1814.11 pa, 18.5 kg force cm 2)66-86℃. Used as mechanical accessories, such as gears, lubricating bearings instead of non-ferrous metal materials to make machine shells, automobile engine blades, etc. It can also be used to make synthetic fibers.


3. 6T plastic material


Connector manufacturers say this material is generally used for 2.54 pitch patch busbar and 1.27 pitch /2.0 pitch series busbar. The welding temperature is between 260 degrees and 290 degrees, so the cost of the tray connector produced by this material is slightly higher, and the choice of this material is generally the customer’s quality requirements on the product.

6T plastic material

4. 9T plastic material


Connector products that use this material are mostly 2.54 pitch patch and 1.27 pitch /2.0 pitch series. The welding temperature is about 260 degrees to 300 degrees. Due to the high price of this material, 9T plastic material is generally used to produce connector products with special needs of customers.

9T plastic material

5. LCP plastic material


Suitable for the production of a variety of spacing series of row connector products, the resistance temperature between 260 degrees -320 degrees 1. This material has small linear expansion coefficient, low shrinkage rate of injection molding, good strength and elastic modulus, excellent heat resistance, high load deformation temperature, but also excellent chemical resistance and air tightness, so the general connector especially need sMT are preferred to choose LCP material

LCP plastic material

However, the application field of using LCP material to make connectors is more automobile industry manufacturers, because the price of this material is more expensive than other materials, and the production technology is higher than the four kinds of technology, so the customer groups are some special customers and product needs.

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