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What are the 6 things to be aware of when choosing a connector?

What are the 6 things to be aware of when choosing a connector?

Blog | Dec 28,2021

Connectors are indispensable parts of electronic equipment. If you follow the path of current flow, you will always find one or more connectors.

It is a coupling device connecting electrical terminals to form circuits, which can realize the connection between wires, cables, printed circuit boards and electronic components, so it is widely used in electronic equipment.


The form and structure of connectors vary with the application object, application environment, frequency, and power. There are more and more kinds of common connectors, so when we choose connectors, what should we pay attention to?

1.  Electrical parameters

Connectors are mostly connected to electrical components and are used to transmit current or signals. Therefore, connectors have strict requirements on electrical parameters, including rated voltage and rated current.

Electrical parameters

The rated voltage, also known as the operating voltage, depends on the distance between the insulating material used by the connector and the contact pair. In theory, the connector’s rated voltage should be the manufacturer’s recommended maximum operating voltage, but in practice the connector will work well below the rated voltage.

Rated current is also called operating current. As with rated voltage, connectors generally work well below rated current. When current passes through the contact pair of the connector, the contact pair will heat up due to the presence of conductor resistance and contact resistance, and failure will occur when the temperature exceeds the limit. Therefore, to limit the rated current, is to limit the temperature rise in the connector to not exceed the design specified value.

rated voltage

2.  Environmental parameters

Environment parameters include ambient temperature, humidity, rapid temperature change, and corrosive environment. The environment in which connectors are used, transported, and stored has a significant impact on their performance. Therefore, connectors must be selected according to the actual environmental conditions.

3.  The environment temperature

The metal and insulation materials of the connector determine the operating temperature of the connector. High temperature will destroy the edge material, causing the insulation resistance and pressure performance reduction; For metals, high temperature can make contact pair lose elasticity, accelerate oxidation and coating deterioration.The environment temperature环

4.  The humidity

In a high humidity environment for a long time, it will cause the absorption and diffusion of water vapor on the surface of the insulator, easy to reduce the insulation resistance to physical deformation, resulting in electrolysis, corrosion and cracking. For connectors outside the equipment, environmental conditions such as moisture, water seepage, and contamination should often be considered. In this case, sealed connectors should be used. For water-tight, dust-tight connector, the general use of GB4208 shell protection grade to express.

The humidity

5.  Corrosive environment

According to different corrosion environment, should choose the corresponding metal, plastic, coating structure of the connector. Connectors used in salt spray environments, for example, will deteriorate rapidly if they do not have an anticorrosive metal surface. In an environment with a considerable concentration of SO2, a silver plated contact pair should not be used.

Corrosive environment

6.  The connection method

The connection mode refers to the connection mode between the contact pair of the connector and the wire or cable. At present, the main connection methods are welding, pressing, winding, piercing connection, screw connection and so on. It is also an important aspect of using and selecting connectors to choose the proper way and technology of terminating.

The connection method

Electrical parameters, environmental parameters, and connection mode all affect the performance of the connector. Knowing your application requirements and choosing the right connector can improve the reliability of your project and greatly improve the quality and life of your product.

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