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What are cold-pressed terminal products

What are cold-pressed terminal products

Blog | Dec 27,2021

Insulation terminals, also known as cord end terminals, electronic connectors, air joints belong to cord end terminals. Is used to achieve electrical connection of a kind of accessories products, industry divided into the category of connector. With the increasingly high degree of industrial automation and industrial control requirements more and more strict, accurate, the amount of terminals gradually increased. With the development of electronic industry, the use of terminals is more and more, and more and more kinds. At present, the most widely used in addition to PCB board terminals, there are hardware continuous terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals, needle bare end, peek-port series SC, DTG copper wiring terminals, C45 special terminals and so on.

cold-pressed terminal products

Electrical connector product specifications are very many types, in the application of equipment to choose the right terminal connector must be disciplined, not blind, so in the end to choose what terminal connector should pay attention to.

Electrical connector product

When selecting, make clear the performance requirements of the product. What is the current, frequency and voltage? How many signals are there? Carrying connector signal requirements are analog or digital, or combined, and so on. Because signal combinations affect connector types, pin arrangement, and wiring. Therefore, the appropriate terminal connector can be selected according to the position of the terminal connector, the vicinity of the heat source, the operating temperature and the frequency of mating and unmating.

make clear the performance requirements

Select a terminal connector product, current rating is one of the key indicators for purchasing terminal connectors, it is a measure of the current that can flow through the mating terminals, ideally expressed in amperes per circuit, should be adjusted or reduced according to the temperature rise of adjacent terminals, according to the number of circuits in a given housing.

current rating

Terminal materials and electroplating are the last factors to be considered, as most terminal products are made of nylon plastic with high flame resistance and continuous flammability rating. The size and weight of the terminal connector decreases as the available space decreases. Exact numbers are difficult to determine, but some connectors have specifications for mean time to failure.

Terminal materials and electroplating

The terminal connector is environmentally sealed to prevent accidental splashing. Once you know the required level of security, you can verify the IP level number in the IP code system and know if the correct terminal connector has been selected. Most electrical connectors are subject to extreme conditions such as vibration and shock, and cable connectors and terminal connectors are designed for extreme conditions and hazardous environments with special features to withstand vibration and shock as well as extreme temperatures.

terminal connector

Standard options available include tin, lead and select gold for most applications. Substrates are usually made of phosphor bronze or brass because of their excellent strength and current carrying capacity even after prolonged exposure to high ambient temperatures. Some environments require protection from flammable or flammable gases, vapors, dust, or liquids.

Standard options available include tin, lead and select gold for most applications

Other factors to consider include operating voltage, wire size, configuration, meshing force and circuit size. So the most important criteria will determine the type and size of electrical connectors. Connector prices are usually based on the total cost of including the socket and plug, the cost of the terminal connector, and the labor cost of connecting the wire to the terminal and inserting it into the housing.

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