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The Specification of VH3.96 Terminal

The Specification of VH3.96 Terminal

Blog | Nov 29,2021

The spacing of the VH3.96 terminal connector is 3.96MM, which is a large wire-to-board connector in common consumer electronics products.The VH3.96 terminal connector ADAPTS to the VH3.96mm pitch terminal harness.Its rubber shell has buckle on both sides and ordinary two types.Pin terminals are mostly brass tin plated and welded after use.

At present, VH3.96 terminal connector is mainly used in wall breaker, industrial control instrument, three-dimensional air conditioner, large outdoor display, smart home and other fields. Wenzhou Yueqing connector manufacturer LHE, vH3.96 terminal specifications, all kinds of connector specifications, enter the official website for free download.

Type board mounted socket plug 90

Spacing of 3.96 mm

Product height 12.6mm

Maximum current 6.00A per contact

Maximum voltage 250V

Contact resistance 10 mΩ Max

Insulation resistance 1000 MΩ Min

Resistance voltage 1500V AC r.m.s

Operating temperature range -25℃+85℃

Material: metal phosphor bronze

Material – Electroplated tin at contact

Material – Tin plating at terminal

Material – Resin PA66 UL94V-04

VH type connector recognition drawing
type connector recognition drawing of VH

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