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The introduction of connector material PA66 GF30

The introduction of connector material PA66 GF30

Blog | Sep 19,2022

Connector plastic material will usually use PA66 GF30

PA66 GF30 is not a model of any brand, but a general code for PA66 plastic raw materials plus 30% glass fiber. PA66 GF30 is also called: enhanced PA66, PA66+ 30% GF, PA66 plus fiber 30, etc.


Connector plastic material will usually use PA66 GF30


And what is fiberglass ? Glass fiber is a kind of filling material, the main purpose is to enhance the rigidity and toughness of the material, change the fluidity of the material, etc.

And adding 30% is not a fixed proportion, as for the proportion of wave fiber to be added, depending on the requirements of product characteristics, it may be to add 10% glass fiber, it may be 60% glass fiber, but adding 30% is the most common proportion.



What are the characteristics of our connectors after using PA66 material with 30% more glass fiber?

After using PA66 GF30 material for our connector, its mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance, and aging resistance are significantly improved, and the fatigue resistance strength is 2.5 times the enhancement.

Compared with pure nylon, the mechanical strength, rigidity, heat resistance, creep resistance and fatigue resistance of enhanced nylon are greatly improved, while the elongation, shrinkage, moisture absorption, and wear resistance are decreased.


PA66 GF30


Main uses of PA66 GF30:

· Suitable for auto parts, mechanical parts, and so on.
· Use for mechanical components requiring high rigidity and dimensional stability


Main uses of PA66 GF30


National PA66 model

· PA66 Germany BASF: A3EG6、A3HG5、A3EG7、A3WG6、A3X2G5、A3X2G7、A3WG10.
· PA66 DuPont,USA: 70G13L、70G33L、70G33HS1-L、70G43L、FR10、FR15、FR50、FE5171、8018.
· PA66 Toray Japan: CM3001G-30、CM3004G-30.
· PA66 Japanese Asahi Kasei: 1300G


PA66 Japanese Asahi Kasei : 1300G


Above is the introduction to PA66 GF30. For more information about connectors, please visit our website: https://www.lhecn.com/, Zhejiang United Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming an outstanding automobile connector and home appliance connector full supply chain system solution provider, we focus on the connector field, including automobile, household appliances, smart home, security and so on.

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