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Terminal cold knowledge

Terminal cold knowledge

Blog | Dec 31,2021

In recent years, the use of terminal blocks in electronic equipment has been a very common phenomenon, especially the power of the power supply terminal itself is becoming more and more large, the volume of terminal blocks is also developing in a larger direction, in terms of functionality is a significant advantage.

Terminal cold knowledge

In addition, their measurement performance and parameters are also different in different regions. Some of the same products have very different parameters, so it is important to understand these differences in order to keep terminal costs low and long-term reliability.

In the process of continuous innovation and improvement, the circuit board of wiring terminals will be able to carry more and stronger current. Recently, it has even broken through 110A, completely leading the production level of foreign developed countries. However, in the process of design, what type of terminal is used to become the biggest problem, but also to fully meet all the needs of the system.

The unit of the terminal block is “bit”, and one bit is 1 “bit”. Usually the so-called table is the serial number of terminals, these serial numbers have different definitions in different applications.

“Node” and “bit” mean the same thing, just different names. A group is made up of nodes. The usual terminals are 2 bits, 3 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, 12 bits, etc., which are divided by number. By capacity: 10A, 20A, 40A and so on. 

In power electronics wiring, when the equipment inside the screen is connected with the equipment outside the screen, some special wiring terminals are needed. When these wiring terminals are combined, they are called terminal block.

Terminal block, commonly used English letters and numbers, or Chinese phonetic alphabet plus numbers, to indicate the maximum contact point current flux, as well as the size of terminal block and the number of endpoints.

Terminal block

The function of the terminal block is to connect the lines of the devices inside and outside the screen, and play the role of signal (current and voltage) transmission. With the terminal block, making the wiring beautiful, convenient maintenance, in the remote line between the connection is mainly firm, convenient construction and maintenance.

The function of the terminal block

Secondly, the terminal line in the tin after the black reason, there are a lot of people think is the climate problem, may be the weather is too cold, the temperature is too big or too high and so on. In fact, untreated copper wire or tinned copper wire in the case of tin will also be oxidized, copper in the air in two steps, the first reaction with oxygen, copper oxide; Reaction and copper oxide and carbon dioxide from the air and water, generating green oxidation, and the oxidation of copper is belong to the normal chemical reactions, the humidity weather will be attached on the surface of the product, the greater the water drops, the more the less circulation or the lower the temperature of air, surface water is difficult to volatilize, thus speeding up the copper and tin oxidation reaction in the air caused the electronic line after dark.

the terminal line in the tin after the black reason

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