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Technical characteristics of board – to – board connectors

Technical characteristics of board – to – board connectors

Blog | Nov 09,2021

The board-to-board connector is used to connect two PCBS or PCB and FPC to achieve mechanical and electrical connections. Male and female connectors are used in pairs, so the plastic body and terminal of the connector have strict matching requirements.

The board-to-board connector

Board-to-board connector is currently the strongest connector product in all connector products, mainly used in power system, communication network, financial manufacturing, elevator, industrial automation, medical equipment, office equipment, household appliances, military manufacturing and other industries. Let’s get familiar with some of the technical characteristics of the board-to-board connector:


First of all, “soft”, flexible connection, convenient installation, convenient disassembly

The ultra-low height of the board-to-board connector to achieve the purpose of reducing the body thickness

board-to-board connector

Contact structure, with strong resistance to the environment, not only soft, and the use of high contact reliability of the “solid connection” to improve the group force of the socket and plug, through the fixed metal parts and contact part of the simple locking mechanism, in improving the group force at the same time, so that the lock has a sense of inserting and pulling

In order to meet the requirements of SMT process, the terminal welding area of the whole product is strictly required to have good coplanar degree

requirements of SMT process

Ultra-narrow type of plate to plate connector plating process put forward new requirements, how to ensure the thickness of the product gold plating and tin effect is not tin, has become the most critical problem of connector miniaturization

Board – to – board connectors can be constructed for easy machine circuit design. By setting an insulating wall on the bottom surface of the connector, the PCB board wiring and metal terminal do not contact can be wiring in the bottom face of the connector, for the miniaturization of PCB board is quite beneficial.

Board - to - board connectors

Assembly process guidance, with the development of The Times, the application of micro connector is more and more, so in the assembly, must be aligned with the import Angle, and then hard pressure, so as to avoid product damage caused by dislocation pressure

Assembly process guidance

The above is the technical characteristics of board to board connector, Zhejiang United Electronics Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various board to board connector, line to line connector, line to board connector and other products, welcome new and old customers to come to buy。

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