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Summary of three common failure modes of automotive connectors

Summary of three common failure modes of automotive connectors

Blog | Dec 22,2022

Safety first is always the first choice for people to give priority to the quality of automobile products, and automobile manufacturers especially attach importance to the safety and quality of the products they manufacture.

A formed car is composed of many kinds of spare parts. An ordinary car has more than a thousand connection points, and more than half of the connection points are used in key power distribution functions.

In addition, cars are often exposed to increasingly In harsh environments, such as high and low temperatures, operating vibration, friction corrosion, and oxidation, it is extremely important for automobile manufacturers to choose the performance and stability of automotive connector products.

electronic connector components

There are not a few cases where the failure of electronic connector components has caused serious consequences in the operation of the car. Therefore, whether it is an automobile manufacturer or a connector supplier, it is necessary to know the physical or mechanical phenomena in the analysis environment that may affect the performance of the connector.

In order to evaluate the stability of the connector, most connector manufacturers implement an elaborate testing program to track the failure of the automotive connector.

Combined with big data analysis, most of the connector failures, in reality, are summarized, which can be summarized into the following three failure modes:

connector failures

Connector Friction Corrosion Failure

High humidity, corrosive gas, and strong vibration are the causes of oxidation and frictional corrosion of electronic components, and the three major conditions that lead to the failure of automotive connectors. These environmental factors can have a dramatic effect on the tin and lead-tin contact surfaces, which is the case for 90% of electronic connector surfaces.

Connector electrical failure

Connection problems between cables and terminals are one of the leading causes of warranty and automotive connector system failures. For automotive wiring systems, crimping is a very common method for attaching terminals to wires. This process has proven to be reliable, and it is more cost-effective and easier to operate than soldering for improved crimp reliability.

Connector mating failure

Connector mating failure

Improper mating of connectors may cause the failure of connector products when installing automotive interior wiring at manufacturing assembly plants. In order to overcome this problem, electrical design engineers often develop various connector locking devices.

Another way is to use a plug-in auxiliary device to simplify the plug-in process of connector products and reduce the failure rate. The gradual popularization of AI artificial intelligence factories can also further reduce plugging failures.

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