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Production Process of Connector

Production Process of Connector

Blog | Jul 12,2021

Production Process of Connector


The production process of connectors is divided into four parts: stamping, electroplating, injection molding and assembly. The details are as follows:


1.stamping production process of connector


The manufacturing process of electronic connectors generally begins with a punch pin.With large high-speed presses, electronic connectors are punched out of thin metal strips.One end of the large metal belt is fed into the front end of the punch machine, and the other end is wound into the belt wheel through the hydraulic table of the punch machine, and the metal belt is pulled out by the belt wheel and rolled to press out the rolled to press out the electronic connector finished product.


stamping production process of connector


2. electroplating production process of connector


The connector pins should be sent to the electroplating section as soon as the stamping is completed.During this phase, the electronic contact surfaces of the connector will be coated with various metal coatings.Similar problems with the stamping stage, such as the distortion, fragmentation or deformation of the pins, will also occur in the process of the stamped pins into the electroplating equipment.Such quality defects can be easily detected by the techniques described in this paper.



3. injection production process of connector


The plastic box holder for the electronic connector is made at the injection molding stage.The usual process involves injecting molten plastic into a metal membrane, which is then rapidly cooled to form.A so-called incomplete mold occurs when the molten plastic is not fully filled with the membrane. This is a typical defect that needs to be tested at the injection molding stage.Other defects include filling or partial plugging of the socket (which must be kept clean and unblocked so that it can be properly connected to the pin during final assembly).Because the use of backlight can be very convenient to identify the box seat leakage and plug plug, so the machine vision system used for quality inspection after injection molding is relatively simple.



4. the assembly


The final stage of electronic connector manufacturing is finished assembly.There are two ways to connect the electroplated pins with the injection box seat: single insertion or combined insertion.Separate plug means to connect one pin at a time;Combination pair inserts a plurality of pins into the box seat at the same time.Regardless of the type of connection, the manufacturer requires that all pins be tested for defects and correct positioning at the assembly stage;Another type of routine inspection task is related to the measurement of the spacing between the mating surfaces of the connectors.



After reading the production process of connector, you should have a basic understanding of the production process of electronic connectors. If you want to know more about the professional technical content of connectors, please read other articles.Lianhe electronics is a professional connector manufacturer, has more than ten years of experience in connector production, strong technical strength, each type of connector products have passed the ISO certification, in line with the national environmental protection requirements, worthy of your trust.

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