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LHE New product recommendation

LHE New product recommendation

Blog | Jul 06,2023

LHE recently developed a new product, the following is the introduction of the new product


D6301-H02 is replacement of JST PS-250-2A-15,Secure locking mechanism and Low insertion force。
Stable contacting performance,Misinsertion (reverse insertion) prevention structure for the contact。
Misinsertion prevention structure for the tab (Short type housing),Glow wire compatible products are also available for short type housings performance。


P0022-T is replacement of TE 62308 terminals, Pigtail Splice, Splice Capacity 3, Serrated,3000 – 7000 CMA Wire Size, Brass, AMPLIVAR


A20010 connector is replacement of JST PNI-H series connector
2.0mm pitch,widely use in board-to-wire connection with secure locking
device that has been designed to high box type, with a mounting height of 19.95mm (including retainer) and 6.65mm in depth.
Low insertion force type contact is adopted and it provides excellent operability.Retainer is available as usage.

Above is the recent development of new products, if you are interested, please feel free to contact our salesman.

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