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Introduction to the general design of connectors

Introduction to the general design of connectors

Blog | Aug 10,2023

Connectors are also called connectors. Also known as joints and sockets in China, they generally refer to electrical connectors. That is a device that connects two active devices, transmitting current or signals.

The male end and the female end can transmit information or current after contact, also known as a connector. This article introduces some conventional designs of connectors.

The function of the barb design of the connector terminal

The barb design of the connector terminal can effectively improve the connection stability and reliability of the connector. The barbs can increase the friction between the terminal and the plug, making them lock together more tightly, preventing loosening or falling off when plugging and unplugging.

In addition, the barb can also cooperate with the pin on the connector to make the connection stronger and prevent the pin from accidentally jumping out, thereby preventing wrong insertion and shaking.

Common anti-misplacement and fool-proof designs for connectors are as follows:

Physical shape: The shape, colour, shape and other physical characteristics of the connectors are different. Some connectors are also equipped with rib grooves or dense patterns in the flat socket for correct assembly.

Appearance marking: The connector is usually marked with information such as polarity, lead number or code on a prominent position on the appearance so that it can be inserted or fixed correctly.

Mating design: Some connectors are designed to be used as a pair, that is, different connectors can only be inserted or fixed if they are matched correctly.

Internal guide: The internal design of the connector can use guide shapes or protrusions and other structures, so that only certain plugs with corresponding shapes can be inserted in certain positions, thereby preventing misalignment.

Security feature: A bite or bayonet area is processed in the plug or socket. When the plug is inserted into this area, it can ensure that the plug is in the correct position, thereby preventing the plug from being misplaced or reversed.

These designs can reduce the error rate of the connector and improve the reliability and stability of the equipment.

The above is an introduction to the conventional design of connectors. Zhejiang Lianhe Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of connectors. Welcome new customers to come to buy.

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