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Introduction to the four basic components of automotive connectors

Introduction to the four basic components of automotive connectors

Blog | Dec 08,2021

Automotive connector in the whole set of automotive electronic components in the role can not be underestimated, assume the role of a bridge, and generally speaking, automotive connector components are divided into contact parts, housing, insulation and accessories 4 categories, we will introduce these components one by one.


1. Contact parts.

The contact is the core part of the automobile connector to complete the electrical connection function.

Generally, the contact pair is composed of the positive contact and the negative contact, and the electrical connection is completed through the box of the positive contact and the positive contact.

Positive contact parts are rigid parts, and their shapes are cylindrical, square and flat


Positive contact parts are generally made of brass and phosphor bronze.

The negative contact, namely the jack, is the key part of the contact pair.

With the elastic structure, the elastic deformation occurs when the pin is inserted and the elastic force is generated to contact the positive contact closely to complete the connection.

The common structures are cylinder, tuning fork, folding, cantilever beam, box and hyperboloid wire spring jack. .


2. The housing

Also known as the shell, is the outer cover of the automobile connector.

It provides mechanical protection for the built-in insulating mounting plate and pins, and provides timely alignment of plug and socket inserts, thus securing the connector to the equipment.

The housing

3. Insulation

Insulation is also often called the automobile connector base (base) or installation plate (INSERT), its role is to make the contact parts according to the required position and spacing, and ensure the insulation performance between the contact parts and between the contact parts and the shell.

Good insulation resistance, voltage resistance and machinability are the basic requirements for insulating materials. .


4. Accessories

Accessories common structure Accessories and installation Accessories.

Structural accessories such as clamping ring, positioning key, positioning pin, guide pin, connecting ring, cable clamp, sealing ring, sealing gasket, etc.

Installation accessories such as screws, nuts, screws, spring rings, etc. Accessories are mostly standard parts and common parts. .


It is these four basic structural components that enable automotive connectors to act as Bridges and operate stably.

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