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How to produce reliable connector stamping terminals?

Stamping process is the first of the four core processes in manufacturing industry, and is also one of the main methods of metal plastic processing, widely used in precision parts processing.

In the field of connector, the connector contact terminal produced by stamping process has the advantages of high production efficiency, high precision and convenient subsequent processing.

Excellent stamping process is the basis of all performance and design of electronic connector. How to produce reliable connector stamping terminals?

Generally, there are the following requirements.

1  Connector terminal die should be rigid enough to meet the requirements of life and accuracy.

2  The structure should be as simple and practical as possible, with reasonable economy.

3  Easy to feed, simple and safe operation, easy to produce.

4  Connector terminal die parts are positioned accurately and reliably, and firmly connected.

5   It is beneficial to the machining of mold parts.

6  The connector terminal die structure is compatible with existing stamping equipment.

7  The Connector terminal die is easy to install, easy to replace wearing parts.


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