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How to identify the quality of automobile connector terminal copper joint

How to identify the quality of automobile connector terminal copper joint

Blog | Jan 27,2022

Under different environmental conditions, it is a trick to choose the appropriate copper joint automobile wiring terminals. Basically, it is ok to master the following points.

Before determining the automobile wiring terminal, we should first make clear what kind of terminal is needed, as according to the functional classification of the terminal, there are ordinary terminal, insurance terminal, test terminal, grounding terminal, etc;

According to the current classification, there are common terminals, high current terminals; According to the appearance classification, can be divided into rail terminal fixed terminal circuit board terminal.

automobile connector terminal copper joint

What needs to be considered is the size of the terminal connection of the automobile connector. For different copper joints, the size and wiring range are not the same. In general, when terminals are needed, it is better to choose a wiring range slightly larger than the actual wire diameter.

Why is that? , the current market standard is quite chaotic, if you choose the same size of wiring aperture and wire diameter, then it may be because the market does not meet the standard production of terminals leading to a smaller wiring range and can not be inserted into the wireframe.

automobile connector

Please pay attention to the impact of the current, for the guide terminal, this has existed in the market for decades of products, the industry is regulated for the current, different models have specific current specifications, the product must meet the standard or exceed the standard.

the impact of the current

Finally, attention should be paid to the size of the space used. For different space sizes, different automobile terminals can be selected, such as double-layer terminals or three-layer copper joints can be selected in a narrow space.

double-layer terminals

After reading this article, I hope to help you avoid bad products when choosing automobile connector terminals. Zhejiang Lianhe Electronics Co., LTD., the main production line of line connector, the line to board connector with the board to board connector, if you have any need, welcome to visit our official website, contact our business inquiry

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