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How to do bad terminal pressing (some solutions to bad terminal pressing).

How to do bad terminal pressing (some solutions to bad terminal pressing).

Blog | Dec 15,2021

The terminal has three main parts: the matching part, the transition part and the crimping part.

The crimp part is the only part whose design is affected by the crimp process. Here are some of the most common problems and corrective actions.

The crimping height of conductor is too small or too large.

Solution: adjust the conductor crimping height on the crimping machine.
Use vernier calipers or micrometers to check that the crimping straightness is within the specified range and to recheck it at the required frequency during operation to maintain the correct crimping height

crimping height

The insulation crimping area is too small or too large

Most types of crimp suspension can adjust the insulation crimp height.

Proper adjustment allows the terminal to clamp the insulation layer at least 180 degrees without puncturing the insulation layer.

IDT technology is the best method when the outer diameter of the terminal insulation crimping supply is close to the outer diameter of the cable insulation layer

The insulation crimping area

Loose thread core

Solution: Wrap the cable into a bundle and insert the cable into the crimped terminal.
If peeling the insulation layer from the cable is a separate operation, the core may be accidentally separated during processing or bundling.
Use a half-strip and keep the insulation layer removed, so that the insulation sleeve is not completely removed from the cable until it is ready to be crimped on the cable with terminals.
This helps minimize core looseness.

Loose thread core

Stripping length is too short

If the stripping length of the cable is too short, the cable outer diameter cannot be obtained from the distance extending out of the front part of the conductor crimping area.

The solution is very simple: increase the stripping length of the stripping equipment to the specified value of the terminal.

stripping length is too short

The cable is inserted deep

Solution: Make sure that no excessive force is used to insert the cable into the crimping machine so that it passes over the cable stop of the crimping machine, or adjust the position of the cable stop so that the peeled cable is located in the correct axial direction.

The cable is inserted deep

Crimping too far forward

The cause of this problem is that the terminals and the metal strip (the metal strip to which the terminals are attached when you receive the goods from the manufacturer) are not in the correct position relative to the king crimping machine. Simply relax the substrate of the interchangeable tool and re-align the crimp machine to solve the problem.

Crimping too far forward

Install an intelligent pressure management system

The intelligent pressure management system can monitor the running condition of the terminal machine in real time, find the abnormal pressure in time, and adjust and maintain the equipment in time according to the above mentioned!

This makes the machine has been in a good state of operation, thereby indirectly reducing the production of defective products!

It should be noted, however, that although pressure management is sensitive and can be used to assess the operating condition of the machine, tolerances are usually set large to reduce the number of alarms during normal production, so it is almost impossible to detect all of the defects described above without leakage.

Install an intelligent pressure management system

Intelligent pressure management system can detect 100% of those similar core wire all cut off, all wrapped glue, terminal deformation and other fatal problems, these fatal problems caused by the pressure change is relatively large, to eliminate these fatal problems of wire beam flow to the customer, is its main significance!


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