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How to choose the right connector

How to choose the right connector

Blog | Oct 28,2019

How to choose the right connector

(1) A good conductive properties


Low-frequency connectors required insulation resistance and high dielectric strength, and general contact with the ground between the insulation resistance should be greater than 1Ω.

In 0.44MPa’s low pressure, the test voltage of 500V, do not arcing and breakdown phenomena. High-frequency connectors, in addition to the above requirements are met, the requirements of the high-frequency dielectric loss, dielectric constant is small.


(2) High temperature


Heat distortion temperature above 200 ℃, high temperature resistance in the surface mount technology or welding and can be resistant to heating temperature of the usual connectors.


(3) The performance of the arc resistance


To ensure that resistance to arcing in the patch installation process damage to the plastic.


(4) Flame retardant


To prevent the occurrence of short circuits, abnormal fire in order to avoid the health hazards of toxic gases, it is best to use halogen-free flame-retardant materials.


(5) Excellent physical properties


Toughness to prevent thrust; high flexural strength and to prevent the deformation of the force.

Specific test conditions for shock and vibration conditions (vibration frequency 20 ~ 60Hz, acceleration of 5g), and plug the 500 The plastic parts do not appear to mechanical damage and fracture phenomena.


(6) Applies placed Insert


Linear expansion coefficient is small, still firmly insert links to the temperature change.

High dimensional stability in the specific use of the process, force creep is small, does not warp, after warming, small expansion. General requirements for dimensional accuracy to maintain contact between the pitch of the six.


(7) processing flow is better


To comply with the requirements of an increasing miniaturization of electronic connectors.


(8) Good solvent resistance


Plastic parts affected by the solvent effect should not be subject to corrosion and cracking.


(9) Does not produce corrosive gases


Plastic parts during use should not generate corrosive gases, the silver layer to prevent the conductive properties affect the connector contacts.

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