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How does LHE achieve the stamping production of high quality terminals

How does LHE achieve the stamping production of high quality terminals

Blog | Nov 20,2021

Stamping process is the first of the four core processes in manufacturing industry, and is also one of the main methods of metal plastic processing, widely used in precision parts processing. In the field of connector, the connector contact terminal produced by stamping process has the advantages of high production efficiency, high precision and convenient subsequent processing. Excellent stamping process is the basis of all performance and design of electronic connector.

LHE achieve the stamping production of high quality terminals

Connector contact terminals are small in size, high in accuracy, and complex in structure. In the production of equipment, mold, production technology and site management level have higher requirements. LHE has a professional precision stamping department and senior die development engineers, which can meet the needs of  various connector terminal stamping production.

LHE high speed precision punching machine processing accuracy up to 0.01mm, punch speed up to 500-1000 times per minute. Can synchronously achieve punching, blanking, bending, cutting, drawing and other processes. The whole process of automatic and efficient production, capacity and precision are industry leading level.

LHE high speed precision punching machine

At the same time, LHE has a senior mold r & D engineer team, rich stamping mold, and the top mold processing equipment, production and processing experience. Through precision grinding machine, CNC slow wire cutting machine, precision spark machine, CNC machining center and other equipment, LHE mold precision can reach 0.01mm, the high strength steel stamping die used can withstand 40,000 times per hour. Realize a variety of precision, complex, high difficulty terminal processing production.

LHE mold precision can reach 0.01mm

Facing the difference between theoretical calculation and production practice in stamping production, LHE stamping engineers can digest the difference with rich production experience, optimize mold, design, assist mold development, and excel in precision terminal production technology. And through regular mold maintenance, prolong the service life of the mold, improve production efficiency.

Facing the difference

The production site of LHE implements 5S standard management method, material placement is standard, mold storage is neat, the workshop is clean and bright, and there is no dust and oil pollution. Ensure to provide customers with excellent performance, stable contact stamping terminal products.

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