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Future trends of electronic connector technology

Future trends of electronic connector technology

Blog | Feb 21,2023

Connectors, as a key component of current or signal connection, are also an important part of industrial systems.

With the rapid development of personal mobile terminals, household smart appliances, the information and communication industry, the new transportation energy industry, aerospace technology, artificial intelligence, medical electronic equipment, and other fields, more and more requirements are put forward for connectors in terms of function, appearance, performance and use environment. high demands.

miniaturization integration

Development trend of miniaturization integration

In order to meet the requirements of portable, digital, and multi-functional electronic machines, as well as the automation of production and assembly, electronic connectors must be adjusted in the product structure. The products are mainly developed in the direction of small size, low height, narrow pitch, multi-function, long life, surface mount, etc.

Miniaturization means that the distance between the centers of electronic connectors (connectors) is smaller, and high density means the realization of a large number of cores.

The miniaturization of consumer electronics requires the combination of miniaturization, thinning, and high performance of components, which also promotes the development of connector products in the direction of miniaturization and small spacing.

The miniaturization of components requires higher technology. All of these require a strong industrial mold-based foundation to effectively support.

Intelligent development trend

Intelligent development trend

Today is a world of rapid information development. No matter what kind of information or technology it is for, people’s requirements are getting higher and higher.

From the rapid development of information and communication data, wireless interconnection has come to each of us, from the application of smartphones, smart wearables, drones, unmanned driving, VR reality, intelligent robots, and other technologies, the addition of IC chips and The intelligent development of electronic connectors that control circuits is an inevitable trend, because it will enable electronic connectors to more intelligently grasp the use of electronic equipment, and improve the performance of the connector itself to achieve intelligent wireless bridging.

High performance development trend

High-performance development trend

High-speed transmission means that modern computers, information technology, and networking technology require the time scale rate of signal transmission to reach the megahertz frequency band, and the pulse time to reach sub-milliseconds, so high-speed transmission electronic connectors (connectors) are required.

The high frequency is to adapt to the development of millimeter wave technology, and the radio frequency coaxial electronic connectors (connectors) have entered the millimeter wave working frequency band.

High current is also an important development direction of many electronic connectors (connectors). Although short, light, energy-saving and low-consumption are the direction of efforts of consumer electronics products, the following two aspects determine that in quite a few applications, the power supply evolves in the direction of high current.

Let us take the common computer CPU as an example to illustrate the reason:

1. The improvement of computer performance requires an increase in CPU operation speed and an increase in the number of transistors required, so power consumption increases. When the voltage remains unchanged, the current rises in the same proportion;

2, With the advancement of semiconductor technology, the operating voltage of transistors Gradual reduction is conducive to reducing power consumption, but its physical characteristics determine that the reduction ratio of power consumption is not as good as that of voltage. Therefore, the increase in current is also an important indicator to test the high-performance development of electronic connectors.

Anti-signal interference and shielding

Anti-signal interference and shielding, when the data transmission speed increases, the influence of capacitance and impedance becomes more and more obvious. A signal on one terminal can crosstalk to an adjacent terminal and affect its signal integrity.

In addition, capacitance to ground reduces the impedance of high-speed signals, attenuating the signal. In the new connector design, each signal transmission terminal is separated from the other.

Differential pairs work well for this purpose because each differential pair has a ground pin on one side to reduce crosstalk. Usually, the first layer is the pinned area to separate adjacent ground terminals.

The next level is the ground shield fitted between the rows. Top-level applications would include a metal ground structure surrounding each signal terminal. Such metal shielding achieves the best combination of data transmission speed and signal integrity.

extreme environments

Resistant to extreme environments, reliability, and environmental protection. In the modern high-tech industry, there are many connectors used under extreme environmental conditions. Electronic connectors can be used effectively and normally under ultra-high temperatures, low temperatures, vibration, hot and humid environments, and corrosive environments.

There are higher requirements in terms of selection, structural design, and processing technology. New high-temperature-resistant materials, new electroplating and coating processes, and alloy materials with higher elasticity make future connectors more adaptable to harsh environments.

The appearance is beautiful and fashionable, and more attention is paid to the development trend of humanization

With the continuous development and progress of multimedia and other technologies, the connector is also adapting to the constant changes of its main body. With the development of science and technology, a good connector should not only have a more beautiful and fashionable appearance, but also a more durable material and more convenient operation.

More importantly, the connection design of its core parts should be More and more refined and precise. In this way, it will not appear that the card slot of the general data connector will become loose after a long time of use. In severe cases, the data transmission part of the connector will be completely paralyzed, which will greatly damage the customer’s confidence in the purchase of the main product.

beautiful and fashionable

Nowadays, the replacement speed of electronic products and equipment is very fast, which makes the future development trend of the connector industry to be miniaturized, integrated, intelligent, high-performance, and user-friendly. Only in this way can we adapt to the development of the times. Zhejiang Lianhe Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of connectors. Welcome new and old customers to come and buy.

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