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Four points for attention in the use of connectors

Four points for attention in the use of connectors

Blog | Mar 25,2023

The connector is generally composed of a plug and a socket, where the plug is also called a free-end connector, and the socket is also called a fixed connector. The connection and disconnection of the circuit are realized by plugs, sockets, and plugs, so various plugs and sockets are connected.

The following are key considerations for using analytics:


When the power connector is terminated, it should be terminated and inspected in strict accordance with the corresponding termination specifications or requirements, and terminated according to the corresponding contact number.

The thickness of the insulation layer between the selected cables and wires should match the distance between the contacts, and the cable core should match the terminals of the contacts. , and cross-parallel processing is prohibited between contact crimping holes;

When soldering, electric soldering iron with corresponding power should be selected according to the diameter of the bare wire, and the soldering time of each contact should generally not exceed 5s. Be careful not to

let the flux penetrate into the insulator, so as not to cause a decrease in the insulation resistance of the product.


Check before insertion

1. The model, code, serial number, plug position and direction of the power connector shall meet the requirements of the design and process documents;

2. The tail cover is not loose, and the binding opening is not falling off; [h]3) The wiring harness or wires at the tail door are not bent, and the outer skin is not damaged;

3. The grounding wire of the shielding skin is not broken, and the soldering piece connected to the shell is not loose;

4. The power connector shell and butt joint should have no deformation, cracks, thread wear, loose fasteners or defects, and the coating should not peel off;

5. The locking device should be in good condition.

The locking device should be in good condition

Plug Operation

Before plugging and unplugging, confirm the code name of the plug and socket to be plugged, the “shape” of the interface, “the positioning keyway”, “the positioning color code”, “and lock” and check the “tightening nails and slots” and “positioning screws and screw holes” at the interface Whether it is corresponding and accurately positioned;

During pushing or screwing into the power connector, the mating faces of the plug and receptacle should be aligned parallel to each other. After the cable or wire has been straightened, the locking sleeve is gently pushed in or slowly threaded along the axis into place and locked.

If you find that the two mating surfaces are skewed, the positioning is inaccurate, the hand feels tighter than normal, or there is an abnormal feeling such as blocking, stop the operation, pull it out along the axis, and check the status. After troubleshooting, reinsert the catch. Allows plugging and unplugging with special aids.

When the tail cap of the plug or socket is tightened, the cable or wire coming out of the tail cap cannot be rotated.

Plug operation


When testing cables or electronic equipment, the probes should meet the requirements. It is strictly forbidden to use test leads or copper wires for direct testing, so as to prevent the jack of the power connector from being enlarged or the inner wall damaged, or the pins from being crooked;

Before the test cable and the power connector on the electronic equipment are plugged in and tested, the power connector (plug and socket) on the test cable should be checked first. , Dust pollution, broken wires, and broken wires of the shielding skin cannot be plugged in;

During the test, the plugging and unplugging operation of the power connector should generally be carried out after the power supply is disconnected for no less than 3 minutes, and live plugging and unplugging are prohibited;


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