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Factors that affect the performance of the connector

Factors that affect the performance of the connector

Blog | Oct 13,2022

As a very important part of electronic components, the connector acts as a bridge for the power flow of the circuit. However, as the requirements for connectors in the market continue to increase, the design of connectors is becoming more and more sophisticated.

When using connectors, you will find that the performance of some connectors cannot always play a practical role, which is limited. What exactly caused the problem?

Factors that affect the performance of the connector

As we all know, connectors have three basic properties: mechanical properties, environmental properties, and electrical properties.

Below we analyze why the performance of the connector is limited from these three aspects.

The mechanical performance and environmental performance of the connector belong to the external performance, while the electrical performance belongs to the internal performance, which is also the core of the function, but the external performance is the basic guarantee.

The two complement each other and complete the work together. The orderly combination of the three can achieve high efficiency, and if any of the three lacks any link, the performance will be limited or even destructive.

mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of the connector mainly have two characteristics, namely insertion and separation. The insertion process is convenient and labor-saving, and separation is divided into two cases: active separation, that is, we actively disconnect; passive separation, is Due to objective factors, the port is stressed, causing the connection to fall off, which may easily lead to poor contact.

Therefore, the design goals of insertion and separation are different. The smaller the force when inserting, the better, and the disconnection is not easy, and it needs some active force to ensure.

environmental properties

The environmental performance of the connector is adaptability. It needs to adapt to various harsh environments, such as: humidity, high temperature and other environments. The stronger the ability to adapt to harsh environments, the more in line with the actual production. There is also the electrical performance. It should be noted that the rated resistance and rated voltage should not exceed the standard, and should be used in strict accordance with the connector specification, otherwise it will be prone to burning and other phenomena.

electrical properties

The above three points are to be paid attention to when the connector is used. The electrical performance, mechanical performance and environmental performance of the connector must be stably combined to improve the transmission efficiency. If any one of them is lacking, its performance will be limited.

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