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Factors affecting the performance of the connector

Factors affecting the performance of the connector

Blog | Sep 13,2021

Connector is the full name of a component used for wiring and electrification. Its plugging performance is mainly affected by factors such as surface state, contact material, positive pressure, current and operating voltage.


1.Surface state


Connector contact surface is a loose surface film formed by mechanical attachment of dust, oil and other deposits on the surface of the contact. This layer of surface film is easily embedded in microscopic pits on the contact surface with particulate matter, so that the contact area is reduced, the contact resistance is increased, and it is extremely unstable.

Another is due to physical adsorption and chemical adsorption formed by the pollution film, the metal surface is mainly chemical adsorption, it is produced with the migration of electrons after physical adsorption.


2.Contact material


Technical specifications for electrical connectors Different resistance specifications are specified for the same type of connectors made of different materials.

3.Positive pressure


The positive pressure of a connector contact is the force exerted by the surfaces that contact each other and are perpendicular to the contact surface. With the increase of positive pressure, the number and area of contact micropoints increase gradually, and the contact micropoints transition from elastic deformation to plastic deformation. The contact resistance decreases as the concentration resistance decreases. The positive contact pressure mainly depends on the geometry and material properties of the contact


4.Current and opearing voltage


When the connector voltage reaches a certain threshold, the contact film will be broken down, and the contact resistance will drop rapidly. However, due to the thermal effect, the chemical reaction in the vicinity of the film is accelerated, which has a certain repairing effect on the film. So the resistance is nonlinear. Near the threshold voltage, small fluctuations in the voltage drop can cause the current to vary in a range of perhaps twenty or tens of times.

When the connector current exceeds a certain value, the joule heat generated at the tiny point on the contact interface will soften or melt the metal, which will affect the concentrated resistance and then reduce the contact resistance.

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