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Correct operation of cord end terminal

Correct operation of cord end terminal

Blog | Dec 16,2021

1. Understanding to operate the cold-press terminal, familiar with the operation method, must ensure that the correct operating the cold-press terminal of preventing misoperation terminals, with a color code or markup, said before the connection is appropriate models, and must ensure that the correct positioning of otherwise, when the interconnected may damage the cold-press terminal, surprisingly electrical contact. Ensure the connection of cold end terminals. In special cases where it is difficult to inspect, follow the appropriate operating steps to make detailed provisions so that inspection can be carried out through peeping.


Correct operation of cord end terminal


2 .When terminating cord end terminals, terminating and checking must be carried out in accordance with the appropriate termination specifications or requirements and terminated with the corresponding node number. The maximum insulation thickness between the selected cable conductors is consistent with the distance between the contacts. The cable core wire and the contacts must be processed in parallel across the contacts


terminating cord end terminals


3 .During welding, power solder should be selected according to the diameter of bare wire. The welding time of each contact is generally less than 55, and the solder should not soak the insulation to avoid the insulation resistance of the product.


During welding


4 .When the cord end terminal is separated, install a protective cover or take other dustproof measures to connect the cord end terminal. If the cord end terminal is not separated for a long time, take out insurance between the plug and socket.


the cord end terminal


5 . Clean the cord end terminal with a silk cloth containing anhydrous ethanol, and dry it before use.
Do not use chemical solvents such as acetone that may have harmful effects on connectors.


6 . cold crimping terminal connection and separation should try to make the plug and socket axis line consistent, support the cable, so that the plug is not affected by the tangential force, prevent cable sagging damage connector.


cold crimping terminal connection


7 . Do not power on power until the cord end terminal is improperly connected or locked.


8 . When securing cord end terminals or clamping cable bundles, an anti-loosening device (such as an anti-loosening screw, an anti-loosening ring, or a fuse) is required for connecting screws.


securing cord end terminals


9 .Cord end terminals should be checked in accordance with the product standards and instructions. The used electrical connectors must meet the requirements specified in the product specifications and operation manual. The cord end terminals used are not damaged. If the probes with qualified performance do not meet the standard requirements, the connectors may be damaged


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