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Connector plug life

Connector plug life

Blog | Oct 28,2021

The mechanical life of the connector refers to the plug and plug life, usually defined as 499~999 times. The contact resistance, insulation resistance and voltage resistance of the connector shall not exceed specified values when the specified mechanical life is reached. Strictly speaking, the mechanical life is now a vague concept. Mechanical life should be related to time, but there is no more economical and scientific way to measure it.

The mechanical life of the connector

In the plug and socket of the connector, the male contact and the female contact can generally be assembled interchangeably. In actual use, it can be selected according to the charged situation at both ends of the plug and socket. If the socket is often charged, you can choose the socket with the socket, because the socket with the socket, the charged contact is buried in the insulator, the human body is not easy to touch the charged contact, relatively safe.

plug and socket of the connector

Choose the number of contact pairs according to the needs of the circuit, taking into account the size of the connector and the total separation force. The number of contact pairs, of course, its volume is large, the total separation force is relatively large. In some cases with high reliability requirements and acceptable volume, two contact pairs in parallel can be used to improve the reliability of the connection.

the reliability of the connection

The main consideration is the electrical continuity of the contact pair when the connector vibrates, impinges and collides at specified frequency and acceleration. In this dynamic stress condition, the contact pair will have instantaneous disconnect phenomenon. The prescribed problem solving time is generally 1US-100ys, 1ms-10ms.

the electrical continuity of the contact pair

Attention should be paid to how to judge the disconnection of contact pairs. It is now generally accepted that a closed contact pair failure can be judged when the voltage drop at both ends of the closed contact pair exceeds 50% of the electromotive force of the power supply. That is to say, there are two conditions to determine whether transient interruption occurs: duration and voltage drop, both are indispensable. If you need to purchase electronic connector related products, welcome to contact the official website, we have a professional salesman for your service

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