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Connector not sure which one to choose? You can follow this step to choose

Connector not sure which one to choose? You can follow this step to choose

Blog | Sep 04,2021

Connector as a special product to provide data, current and signal interconnection for electronic equipment, is an indispensable part of electronic equipment. As a basic and key professional field, connector products have a wide variety of parameters, strict requirements, a wide range of applications, so the professional requirements of procurement personnel are very high.



To reduce the difficulty of the procurement process, LHE reminds you to consider the following points when selecting connectors:



1、Determine the connector type.


Connectors include round, rectangle, T, bar, etc. The difference in shape has a significant impact on performance. Therefore, you need to determine the type of connector you want.



2、Determine the installation and connection mode of the connector


Connectors are available in four installation modes: straight-through plug, Angle plug, trunk socket, and panel mounting socket.


3、Determine the terminal shape of the connector.


Select male and female terminals. But general manufacturer can be purchased by pair, also can buy alone.



4、Determine the number of cores.


The number of cores in a connector is also known as the number of contacts, pins, pins, or poles. Is the key of connector electrical performance. Should be selected according to the desired current.


5、Determine the connection mode of the connector.


Connectors will use welding, crimping, pressing and other connection methods, different ways of cost and firmness will be different.



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