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Connector in the form of industrial connection

Connector in the form of industrial connection

Blog | Oct 09,2021

In industry, there are many forms of connector connection, the following several are more commonly used


1、Plug and unplug connection:


It is a versatile form of connection. When the plug and socket of the electrical connector are connected and separated, the direction of movement is usually reciprocating linear movement, without torsion and rotation, and only a small working space can be completed. Common plug and pull connection has ball or pin two structures. The connection form because there is no mechanical labor-saving mechanism, once misinserted, mechanical resistance increases significantly, can be found in time.



2、Cabinet connection mode:


Electrical connectors are used on certain devices that require blind connection near the frame to make electrical equipment lighter, smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable. This type of connection makes it impossible for the operator to feel the connection, so an accurate positioning device must be designed to avoid forcing the misplugged electrical connectors together, making it impossible to misplug. Cabinet electrical connectors usually use a floating or flexible contact design to ensure correct connection.



3、Thread connection:


A type of connection often used for electrical connectors with larger contacts and in strong vibration environments. This type of connection can be installed after the completion of the connection to prevent loose fuse. The connection is reliable but slow. .



4、Bayonet connection mode:


It is a reliable and fast form of connection and separation. Most electrical connectors in the form of card 121 connections have an intuitive display of proper connection and locking, which can be viewed through a small hole on the side of the electrical connector connection nut.



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