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Common terminal plating type with distinction

Common terminal plating type with distinction

Blog | Sep 13,2021

Connector terminals are generally made of brass or phosphor bronze, but copper is easy to oxidize in the air, and it is easy to react with sulfide in the air to generate black copper sulfide, which increases the contact resistance or causes contact failure in wet environment.



So in the production process through high-speed punch molding after rolling and then to electroplating, according to the performance requirements of the surface coating material and thickness are different, different plating material and coating thickness also directly affect the cost of the connector terminal. Common electroplating types are gold plated, nickel plated, silver plated, tin plated, etc




Gold-plated cost is more expensive, generally on the power supply and signal transmission requirements of higher products will be selected, its contact stability wear resistance



2、Nickel plated


Nickel plating is optional, high hardness, good chemical stability and high utilization rate, but the weldability is slightly poor



3、Sliver plated


Silver plating can improve conductive contact impedance and signal transmission (silver is better, easy to oxidize, and also conductive after oxidation)



4、Tin plated


Taking into account the advantages of weldability, anti-sulfide and anti-oxidation, it can not change color for a long time in the air, and the electroplating cost is relatively low, so it is widely used.



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