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Analysis of common quality problems in the gold-plated layer of connectors and connectors!

Analysis of common quality problems in the gold-plated layer of connectors and connectors!

Blog | Jan 07,2023

When connector connectors are manufactured, many products require different levels of electroplating processes, because some customized connector products often have higher electrical performance requirements for contact connections, so manufacturers are giving connectors It is especially important when the connector products use the gold plating process.common quality problems

Today’s connector products are becoming more and more miniaturized. Except for some connector products with materials that use selective gold plating, the gold plating in the holes of a large number of pinhole parts still uses barrel plating and gold plating. Vibration plating is performed.

However, the problem of gold plating quality in pinhole parts is becoming more and more prominent, and customers have higher and higher quality requirements for the gold plating layer of connector products. Some customers even have very picky requirements for the appearance and quality of the gold plating layer of products.

gold plating layer of products

In order to ensure that the quality of the gold-plated layer of connectors and connectors can meet the needs of customers, Zhejiang Lianhe Electronics, a manufacturer of connectors and connectors, has made the following answers to common quality problems encountered in the technical key to improving the quality of gold-plated products.

For gold-plated products Layer quality problems, the color of the gold-plated layer of the connector is inconsistent with the color of the normal gold layer, or the color of the gold layer of different parts in the same supporting product is different, the reason for this problem is probably the following reasons:

The influence of impurities in gold-plated raw materials

When the gold plating process of connector contacts is in progress, the impurities brought in by the chemical materials added to the plating solution will soon affect the color and brightness of the gold layer after exceeding the use standard of the gold plating solution. If it is affected by organic impurities, the gold layer will appear.

The phenomenon of darkening and blooming, or the interference of metal impurities will cause the effective range of current density to narrow, and it will show that the low end of the current density is not bright or the high end is not bright and the low end is not plated.

Gold plating current density is too high

Gold plating current density is too high

If the calculation of the total area of ​​the plating tank parts in the gold plating process of the connector is wrong, the value will be larger than the actual surface area, and the gold plating current will be too large, or the amplitude of the vibration electroplating gold plating will be too small, so that part of the plating tank The crystallization of the gold plating layer of the piece is rough, and the redness of the gold layer will be visually observed.

Aging of gold plating solution

When gold-plated contact connectors are manufactured, because some gold-plating solutions are used for too long, impurities in the plating solution will accumulate excessively, which will inevitably cause abnormal gold layer color of gold-plated products.

Aging of gold plating solution

The alloy content in the hard gold coating changes

Because of the need of some gold-plating processes, in order to improve the hardness and wear resistance of connector connectors, hard gold-plating processes are generally used. Among them, gold-cobalt alloy and gold-nickel alloy are mostly used.

When the content of cobalt and nickel in the plating solution changes, the color of the gold coating will change, so this will lead to the same batch of products provided to customers. The case where the cash layers are not the same color.

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