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Common fault analysis and simple handling of connectors

Common fault analysis and simple handling of connectors

Blog | Jan 04,2019

Common fault analysis and simple handling of connectors

Now it is a common phenomenon to use connectors, especially when there are some small problems. If it is not a matter of principle, it is quite convenient to learn how to deal with it by yourself, which can also improve efficiency.

First said the most common connector poor contact problem,there are a lot of reasons, sometimes is a small problem, so in the electronic device failure occurs when the first question to consider is the contact problem, be sure to check all the joints, under the condition of compact connection to consider other problems, if not problem of internal connections, through a simple dial operation can repair it well.This one of the other issues that need to be attention, that is in the process of using the protection of the connector, it is also very important, sometimes poor contact because of the improper protection of at ordinary times, we caused the local damage or from corrosion of connector, this kind of situation caused by the poor contact is generally difficult to repair, need to replace butt plug-in processing, is not only a trouble, or source of waste and economic losses.

Connectors of another common problem is that poor insulation, the main also said external environment influence, this kind of circumstance appears commonly performance is not stable, the leakage phenomenon is more terrible, may cause the unsafe factors in the use, intuitive can be observed, but such problems must stop the work of the connector, and directly replace new.Here also comes to a problem that is the cause of the defective insulation, if they are substandard insulation materials, is wrong, we choose if there is a kind of situation is caused by environmental impact, that is what we caused by improper use and protect the poor, particularly humid environment corrosion damage to the connector insulation more let us very entanglements, this must be the day to avoid, in order to avoid more unnecessary loss, especially of electrical leakage protection, and may involve the people safety.

There is a common problem in the process of plug-in use that is the problem of poor fixation, but thiscan generally be avoided by changing the way of installation in particular to pay attention to the rationality of installation, installation and use of the close integration, this problem will not appear.

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