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Board to board connector connection problem and fault handling

Board to board connector connection problem and fault handling

Blog | Jun 05,2020

How to choose the right connector

The correct connection between board and board connector products can improve the service life of products.

Ensure good operation of machinery and equipment.The failure and untimely treatment of board – to – board products will bring inestimable economic losses.


1. Connection of board and board connector


The board to board plug socket is used to electrically connect two separate circuit boards,These include a first connector to the circuit board guide and a transport connector for a serial connection to the first connector.

The first connector has a first terminal connected to the board guide and a body containing the first terminal.

The transfer connector has a second terminal and a body containing the second terminal. The two extended ends of the second terminal can be inserted separately from the first terminal.

To achieve a conductive connection with the first connection arranged on the two circuit boards, wherein the first terminal and the second terminal are provided with an elastic part with a reverse bend at both ends.

And the body and the second terminal can choose the appropriate extension length according to the standard of circuit board spacing.


2. Fault handling of plate-to-plate connectors


Once the product fails, it can be judged that the reason is the use of broken wires, loose products and so on.

The frequency of the intermediate filaments is not high and most of them are intermittent at the joints, so the focus of the inspection should be on the sensors and the connecting wires.

Check to see if they have loose or poor contact problems.Generally due to circuit fault caused by poor contact, mostly due to product end corrosion.

External fouling enters terminals or connector sockets, resulting in reduced contact pressure.To handle this failure, you need to remove the connector and then re-insert it,
Change its connection conditions so that it can resume normal contact.

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