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Automobile connector service life and layer metal relationship

Automobile connector service life and layer metal relationship

Blog | Sep 26,2021

Automobile connector manufacturers in order to prolong the service life of automobile connector, will be on the connector surface metal to resist oxidation, anti-wear, to prolong the service life. Does the quality of car connection gold plating affect connector life?



Automobile connector service life and the properties of mirror layer metal, and the connector in the process of gold-plating problems, will lead to color difference when later used.


1、There are impurities in the gold-plated raw materials, which will lead to color difference of the coating metal of the automobile connection terminal



In the production of automotive connector terminal plating liquid material, the impurity exceeds the tolerance of the plating liquid, will affect the color and brightness of the gold layer. Organic impurities will make the metal layer appear dark and flower phenomenon metal impurities interference will make the coating red or even black



2、gold-plated current density is too large, will also affect the auto connector terminal color difference


In the calculation of the total area of plated slot parts, if the error of numerical calculation is greater than the actual surface area, it will make the gold plating current abnormal, visible metal layer red.



3、The aging of the plating solution will also affect the result of the plating of the terminal of the automobile connector


The use of gold plating solution is too long, easy to make the excessive accumulation of impurities in the plating solution, easy to cause the abnormal color of the gold layer



In addition, the mutual insertion and removal of gold plating will also easily lead to the coating effect of the terminal of the automobile connector, which will affect the service life of the automobile connector. T

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