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4 problems affecting the quality of connector gold plating

4 problems affecting the quality of connector gold plating

Blog | Oct 28,2021

Communication in our country has developed rapidly in recent years, mathematics communication and control circuit system also exposed many problems, main show is: high bit error rate caused by poor contact and cause the whole system, the main cause of failure is the quality problem of the connector there is also the question of using the environment, especially the quality of the plating layer influence is the biggest of all.

development of the current communication system

With the continuous development of the current communication system, the use of connectors is more and more extensive, and the number is more and more. The electrical contact reliability of the connector directly affects the operation of the entire communication system, and the quality of the connector gold plating is one of the important parameters to evaluate the quality of the connector. The following xiaobian makes a summary of the common quality problems of the connector gold plating.

Influence of impurity of gold plating raw material

1、Influence of impurity of gold plating raw material


When the product is gold-plated, the impurities brought by the chemical materials added to the plating solution will soon affect the color and brightness of the gold layer after the use of the standard of the gold-plating solution. If the organic impurities affect the phenomenon of the dark and flowery cash layer or the interference of metal impurities will cause the effective range of current density to narrow. Will show the current density is not bright low-end or high-end plating is not bright low-end plating.

Excessive current density of gold plating

2、Excessive current density of gold plating


When the total area of the plating tank parts of the gold plating process is calculated incorrectly, resulting in its value is greater than the actual surface area, so that the gold current is too large, or the amplitude is too small when the vibration electroplating is used, so that some of the gold plating parts in the plating tank crystal rough will see the red gold layer.

Gilding aging

3、Gilding aging


In the process of product manufacturing, the use of some gold plating solution is too long, the excessive accumulation of impurities in the plating solution, will inevitably cause the abnormal color of gold plating products.

The alloy content of hard gold coating changes

4、The alloy content of hard gold coating changes


Because some gold plating process needs, in order to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the product itself, hard gold plating process technology is usually used. Among them, the most used is gold-cobalt alloy and gold-nickel alloy. When the content of cobalt and nickel in the plating solution changes, the gold coating color will change, so it will lead to the same batch of products provided to customers, the cash layer color is not the same.

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