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10 key properties that connectors should have!

10 key properties that connectors should have!

Blog | Mar 30,2024

With the continuous upgrading of printed circuit boards and electronic components, easy-to-replace electronic connectors are becoming more and more widely used, and the requirements for them are becoming higher and higher, they are moving in the direction of being longer, more compact, and more precise. develop.

10 key properties that connectors should have

The following 10 key performance points that connectors should have

Good dielectric properties For low-frequency electronic connectors, high insulation resistance and high dielectric strength are required. Generally, the insulation resistance between contacts, between contacts and ground should be greater than 1Ω; at a low voltage of 0.44MPa, the test voltage is 500V , arc and breakdown should not occur. For high-frequency electronic connectors, in addition to meeting the above requirements, it is best to require small high-frequency dielectric loss and small dielectric constant.

High heat-resistant temperature. Generally, the heat deformation temperature should be above 200°C to withstand high temperatures during surface mounting technology or welding, and to withstand the normal heating temperature of the connector itself.

Good arc resistance, ensuring that it can resist damage to plastic caused by arcs generated during the plugging and installation process.

Good flame retardancy to prevent the occurrence of fires under abnormal conditions such as short circuits. In order to avoid the harm of toxic gases to the human body, it is best to use halogen-free flame retardant materials.

It has sufficient mechanical properties and good toughness to prevent punching; high bending strength to prevent force deformation; the specific test conditions are under certain vibration and impact conditions (vibration frequency 20~60Hz, acceleration 5g), plugging and unplugging 500 There is no mechanical damage or cracks in plastic parts.

sufficient mechanical properties

Suitable for placing inserts. The linear expansion coefficient should be small so that the connection with the inserts remains firm after temperature changes.

High dimensional stability. During specific use, the creep will be small and will not warp after being stressed, and the expansion will be small after heating. Generally, the dimensional accuracy of the hole spacing between contact parts is required to be maintained at level 6.

The processing fluidity should be good to meet the requirements of increasingly miniaturized electronic connectors.

No corrosive gases are produced

Good solvent resistance: Plastic parts should not be corroded or cracked when exposed to solvents.

No corrosive gases are produced. During the use of plastic parts, gases that are corrosive to the silver plating layer should not be produced to prevent the conductive properties of the contacts from being affected.

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