How to check wire harness products

In the field of modern electronic industry diversification of wiring harness products are an integral part of one of the mills for straight wire material in ensuring cost-effective, at the same time also brought many vendors good quality experience.

Over the years the progress and development of related technologies based electronic material means that this kind of function is more and more strong.

The following analysis of scientific materials acceptance of wiring harness products A few practical ways to do this.

How to check wire harness products
Look at the foundation work

1、Look at the foundation work

of course, after you selected to buy received wire the first task is the basic process of related products and details to evaluate work, generally high level of professional wire manufacturers association attaches great importance to material details process rigor and packaging, so you can see the shipping delivery to the customer’s wire materials are maintained a good quality state

2、Understand the parameters

Meanwhile clearly wiring harness as the important parameters of electronic material and its related professional information is worth understanding and recorded clearly, high professional level and the various parameters are highly qualified sales good wire materials in the field of professional standards, attention to detail is delivery of quality and technical quality controls the institutions of wire material related parameters of the success rate is very high.

Understand the parameters
Conduct specialization tests

3、Conduct specialization tests

On the other hand have to say that from the perspective of professional application detailed test was carried out on the wiring harness products is also very necessary, apparently on the market of electronic products production and processing enterprises possess the conditions to test the related wire material quality function and ability, the testing work, of course, you can focus on the wire itself durability and technology adaptation degree of production and processing activities.

Introduction to Electronic Wiring Harness

The components of a common wiring harness are: conductors, terminals, and plastic parts.


1. The role of wiring harness


In our electronics industry it means’ electronic wiring harness ‘. Generally refers to a group of low voltage electronic wires. It sets up a bridge of communication between two or more isolated and impassable electronic circuits, so as to enable current circulation and realize the various functions of various electronic components. It is an indispensable part of various electrical appliances and electronic equipment

Complex wiring harness components need to be added: tape, tie, casing, jacket, label, etc.


Wiring Harness Components
                                       Wiring Harness Components


2. The difference between household wire and ordinary wire


home appliance wiring harness is the main body of the circuit network, there is no home appliance wiring harness there is no home appliance circuit.

Be in at present, no matter be advanced luxury home appliance or economy common home appliance, the form that wire harness plaits is basically same, it is to be composed by wire, link plug-in and wrap adhesive tape.


home appliance wiring harness
                                 Home Appliance Wiring Harness


Home appliance wire also known as low voltage wire, it is not the same as ordinary household wire.Common household wire is copper single – core wire, a certain hardness.And home appliance wire is copper multi core soft wire, some soft wire as fine as hair, several and even dozens of soft copper wire wrapped in plastic insulation tube (PVC), soft and not easy to break.

Electrical appliance wiring harness within the commonly used specifications of the nominal cross-sectional area of 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0 and other square millimeters of wire, they have their respective allowable load current value, with different power electrical equipment with different specifications of the wire.


Electrical appliance wiring harness
                                 Electrical Appliance Wiring Harness


Simply say single core and multi-core is actually the difference between single and multi-core.Multicore cords are smaller in diameter than single-core cords., the current has skin effect, and the single wire cross-sectional area is equal to the transmission current point capacity is relatively large, calorific value must be greater than the single wire.


Multicore cords
                                                       Multicore Cords


Multiple strands are soft and easy to operate, and single core is hard to operate.Single core hard wire, peeling off the insulation is a solid copper wire, the cross-sectional area is generally 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2, 4mm2.About the material why use copper, do not use aluminum, the reason: the internal resistance is large power consumption, the carrying flow is small, the tensile strength is poor, easy to start the oxide layer, the use of short cycle.



So all electrical appliances use multicore wires just like the wiring harness that we use for our cooling fans is multicore wires, like the power cord of a home TV is multicore wires.

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What to look for when choosing a connector

As is known to all, connectors in the modern electronics industry have a high application rate and occupy a high functional position. The brands specializing in research and development and manufacturing of the components are naturally senior partners of various electronic products enterprises.

And in the current market, the recognition of all circles about the brand of good connector is also very high, coupled with the cost-effective characteristics brought by the connector manufacturers is that people can’t wait to cooperate with it.


Here are three things to focus on when choosing a connector



1、 the technical development background of the brand owner


Obviously, the precision components like connectors require a high level of core technology and maturity is also very important, so it is necessary to equip the brand behind the connector with the talent resources in the development of related technology, which is also the key to the overall strength base of the connector brand



2、 brand product market performance


For the majority of consumer groups, a more objective reflection of all aspects of the level of the brand product lies in the professional market performance, that is to say, the connector brand product in the market to get the market choice rate and other conditions, and at the same time, under the premise of good market choice rate of high quality feedback is also very illustrative.



3、 the content of service guarantee provided by the brand owner


In addition, the relevant service guarantee content provided by the connector brand also needs to be clear, whether ordinary consumers or large purchasing units want their purchase behavior to be guaranteed by quality and even service, which is why the industry is very well-known connector brand has been doing very well in this aspect.



Connector determines the importance of everyone on the brand and type selection need to attach great importance to, and more scientific methods is the need to pay attention to the connector brands in regard to the development of the core technology of the professional background, and then focus on the brand products in the market to get market selectivity and high praise rate data such as the basis, of course, connector and big brand services affordable regulations The interests of the home go hand in hand.

What are the Common Connection Methods of Connectors


Life and work, are inseparable from a variety of equipment


many of  them large or small equipment to normal use, are in the role of the connector. At present, the connectors produced by the connectors with good service attitude are welcomed by the users because of their complete types and various connection modes. So what are the common connections that connectors use?


1. Surface mount connection methods of connectors


Surface mount is a kind of quick connection way, the connecting part of the board end is filled with fodder tin material in advance, and the contact part is accurately placed on the line of the board end with special machine, and it is connected after high temperature.

So the connector manufacturer emphasizes that the connector of the table paste needs to be able to withstand high temperature, the connector pin and the printed board surface of the pad for plane contact, welding surface and pins are located on the same side of the printed board, according to the different installation methods can be divided into horizontal table paste, vertical table paste and straddle type, table paste.


connection method of connectors


2. Soldering connection methods of connectors


The most important thing in the soldering connection is the continuity of the metal between the soldering material and the soldered surface. Therefore, weldability is important for the connectors produced by the connector manufacturers.

The common coatings for welding ends of electrical connectors are tin alloy, silver, and gold.Connector end side pin inserted into the PCB through hole, usually in the opposite side of the brazing pad, through welding to achieve the PCB and connector reliable connection, can be selected according to the applicable temperature manual welding, wave soldering and reflow soldering.


connection methods of connectors 2


3. no welding pressure type

Connector manufacturers know that press-in end pins usually have a special cross section, embedded in the coated hole of the printed board (the hole must have a coating layer, otherwise it can not conduct electricity), the joint part of the interference fit, can achieve solderless electrical connection and mechanical connection.


connection methods of connectors 3


4. elastic connection methods of connectors


The contact part is of elastic structure, and the elastic terminal at the end of the contact part is separable elastic contact with the surface pad of the printed board.

Connector manufacturers found that in practical use, relying on the internal elasticity of the contactor to provide compression force, so that the contactor and the PCB pad closely fit, so as to achieve conduction connection.


connection methods of connectors 4


There is no doubt that the connector manufacturer produced with good quality with a variety of different ways of connection.When selecting the connection methods of connectors, the characteristics and operation points of different methods must be the suitable equipment structure, to a greater extent ensure the connecting way of life.


connection methods of connectors 5


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What are the Characteristics of the Connection Line

What are the Characteristics of the Connection Line

Now the relevant departments studying electronic products, through the continuous introduction of advanced electrical equipment production concept, so as to the existing electrical equipment system for innovation and improvement.As a new type of equipment connection product, the birth of connection line undoubtedly provides convenience for the application of large container power plant.

1. Durability of cable

good durability of the connection line in the electronic connection equipment market to occupy a place, and the connection line in the production process of how to select material has an inseparable connection.In the production process of wire connection, relevant experts and scholars continue to conduct research on the market of electrical sub-connection equipment. The connecting wire is made of high-quality materials, and the connection performance is reprocessed with sophisticated technology to improve its performance.The durability of the cable connection is reinforced by the addition of a protective film of superior material, which ensures the durability of the cable during use.

connection line 1

2. The practicability of connecting line

convenient operation and full function, good quality connection line is in the market of electronic equipment connection to obtain the unanimous praise of the majority of consumers, the room no doubt this and wire connection in the use of the process of convenient operation has a close relationship.The connecting wire is easy to assemble and plug and pull in the process of equipment connection, and there are several layers of protective measures on the outer layer of the wire, which provides convenience for the installation of electrical equipment and also opens up the domestic market of wire connection.

connection line 2

3. Connector controllability

the controllable strong connection line in the process of use, whether it can be effectively controlled is one of the key factors to measure where there is a good connection line.At present, wire connection products break through the traditional wire connection products in the use of poor controllable performance, not easy to operate and other bad problems, the production of wire connection products professionals through continuous practice to improve the controllable performance of wire connection, to further achieve the efficient performance of wire connection made a positive preparation.

connection line 3

To sum up, the improvement of cable durability and controllability has brought positive contributions to the construction of electronic engineering. Easy to operate, safe and efficient wire connection products have gradually become the preferred choice of the majority of consumers.

Production Process of Connector

Production Process of Connector


The production process of connectors is divided into four parts: stamping, electroplating, injection molding and assembly. The details are as follows:

1.stamping production process of connector

The manufacturing process of electronic connectors generally begins with a punch pin.With large high-speed presses, electronic connectors are punched out of thin metal strips.One end of the large metal belt is fed into the front end of the punch machine, and the other end is wound into the belt wheel through the hydraulic table of the punch machine, and the metal belt is pulled out by the belt wheel and rolled to press out the rolled to press out the electronic connector finished product.


stamping production process of connector


2. electroplating production process of connector

The connector pins should be sent to the electroplating section as soon as the stamping is completed.During this phase, the electronic contact surfaces of the connector will be coated with various metal coatings.Similar problems with the stamping stage, such as the distortion, fragmentation or deformation of the pins, will also occur in the process of the stamped pins into the electroplating equipment.Such quality defects can be easily detected by the techniques described in this paper.



3. injection production process of connector

The plastic box holder for the electronic connector is made at the injection molding stage.The usual process involves injecting molten plastic into a metal membrane, which is then rapidly cooled to form.A so-called incomplete mold occurs when the molten plastic is not fully filled with the membrane. This is a typical defect that needs to be tested at the injection molding stage.Other defects include filling or partial plugging of the socket (which must be kept clean and unblocked so that it can be properly connected to the pin during final assembly).Because the use of backlight can be very convenient to identify the box seat leakage and plug plug, so the machine vision system used for quality inspection after injection molding is relatively simple.



4. the assembly

The final stage of electronic connector manufacturing is finished assembly.There are two ways to connect the electroplated pins with the injection box seat: single insertion or combined insertion.Separate plug means to connect one pin at a time;Combination pair inserts a plurality of pins into the box seat at the same time.Regardless of the type of connection, the manufacturer requires that all pins be tested for defects and correct positioning at the assembly stage;Another type of routine inspection task is related to the measurement of the spacing between the mating surfaces of the connectors.



After reading the production process of connector, you should have a basic understanding of the production process of electronic connectors. If you want to know more about the professional technical content of connectors, please read other articles.Lianhe electronics is a professional connector manufacturer, has more than ten years of experience in connector production, strong technical strength, each type of connector products have passed the ISO certification, in line with the national environmental protection requirements, worthy of your trust.

Introduction to pin header connector

Introduction to pin header connector

Pin header connector, a type of connector, English name: Pin Header.

This connector is widely used in PCB circuit boards in electronics, electrical appliances, and meters. Its role is to serve as a bridge between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, and carry the current or signal transmission task. It is usually used in combination with a female header to form a board-to-board connection; or used with an electronic harness terminal to form a board-to-wire connection; it can also be used independently for board-to-board connection.

Since the specifications required by different products are not the same, there are also various types of pin headers, which are classified according to the pin connector standards of the electronics industry:

According to the pitch, it can be divided into 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.00mm, and 0.8mm. There are single-row, double-row, and three-row pins according to the number of rows. / Stand-up), plug-in DIP (Straight Plug / Bent Plug), etc .; divided according to the installation method: 180 ° is represented by S, 90 ° is represented by W, and SMT is represented by T.


Board-to-board connector


Number of rows: single, double, three, four, up to four.

Number of needles: 02 to 80

Pins: straight, bent, SMT; pin size.

Dimensions: overall dimensions length, width, thickness, spacing.

Pitch: There are 0.8, 1.0, 1.27, 2.0, 2.54 pitches.

Material: refers to the contact material and surface treatment, insulator material.

Packaging: blister pack, roll bag, bulk.

Material: Pin material: Brass or phosphor bronze; Insulator material: Plastic UL94V-0.

Surface treatment: gold plating 0.8μ, tin plating, nickel plating.

Processing technology: The pin processing technology process is mainly as follows: firstly use brass (or phosphor bronze) to process the pins,

According to the requirements, first nickel plating and then gold plating, then use the mold to process the insulator part, and finally measure the ruler on the special equipment.

Inch requires inserting pins into the insulator.

Remarks: There are many factors that affect the price, usually the most affected are gold plating and needle length.

Pin Hearder parameters example

Features: single and double rows, straight and curved needles with 2.54mm and 3.96mm pin pitch, various stitch lengths



Mis-insertion is a kind of wrong behavior caused by carelessness in the operation process of the staff, which will not only lead to the normal operation of the equipment, but also may lead to the circuit short circuit in serious cases, so the requirements on the prevention of anti-missing insertion are very high.

The prevention of misplacement mainly starts from the following aspects


On the one hand, the line of wire connector itself, rotate one hundred and eighty degrees, if misalignment error can lead to signal an error, so at this time requires attention as far as possible choose lines to prevent mistaken insertion of the connector, it can avoid this kind of error, but also can avoid the equipment damage, can also by adjusting the line to line the relative position in the connector configuration only.

On the other hand, when the manufacturer USES the same connector, it is very likely to plug A into B socket, this situation needs special attention, because once this happens, the consequences will be very serious, must be connected to AB interface for different socket can be.

And the use of wire to wire connector can avoid this kind of situation to a certain extent, so it is suggested that in order to reduce the types of materials, or to save costs of manufacturers, in the process of use, must choose reliable and safe wire to wire connector products, so that their equipment can be well protected.

Although the anti-misplacement effect of wire-to-wire connector cannot be completely solved now, with the development of science and technology and the update of products, we believe that solutions will be found in the future.

Quality and application areas of pin headers

Quality and application areas of pin headers

Quality is the guarantee of business development and livelihood. In all the company’s production and operation activities, insisting on quality first is a prerequisite for us to settle in the mall and obtain benefits.

Nowadays, the fields and occupations of pin headers and female headers are more and more extensive, so we know where are the header needles and female headers generally used? Where is the primary application area of ​​pin headers and pin headers, as explained below:

Although pin headers and female headers have hot-plug specifications, most of the current pin headers are planned for internal hard disks. The maximum number of insertions and removals is only about 200. Beyond this number of insertions and removals, the pin connector will deteriorate. It may even cause damage to the hard disk. Even if it is used for external application, the number of insertion and removal is still only about 2,500 times.

Pin headers and mother headers are driven by the two layers of skill advancement and cost reduction. The skill strength and industrial position of the pin headers will determine the speed of development of related enterprises in China. Because the emergence of new skills requires electronics companies to keep up with the pace of technological progress, and the position of industry also determines the position of enterprises in upstream and downstream price negotiations.

There are also many factors to consider when the round pin header is connected, and it also needs to consider the requirements of touch resistance and mechanical stability. The size and shape of the solder joint depends on the welding skills and the planning of the adapter itself. There are obvious differences between these two aspects of through-hole and surface adhesion skills. The development of connectors is becoming more and more compact, and the solder joints and their functions (especially the functions of mechanical strength and plastic deformation under load) become more and more More and more important. Because round hole pin headers must pay attention to these when they are connected, try not to affect the advantages of round hole pin headers due to these aspects.

In large and medium-sized cities, flat-panel TVs have entered a substantive stage, but many consumers feel confused as they face a shopping mall where price scales are intertwined, skills and functions are redundant, and high-end and low-end products “grow together”. Improved production process pin header and female header simplify the installation process of electronic products. It also simplifies the batch production process and is easy to repair. If an electronic component fails, the failed component can be quickly replaced when a pin header is installed to facilitate the promotion. With the improvement of skills, the component can be updated when the pin is installed.

Board to board connector connection problem and fault handling

How to choose the right connector

The correct connection between board and board connector products can improve the service life of products.

Ensure good operation of machinery and equipment.The failure and untimely treatment of board – to – board products will bring inestimable economic losses.


1. Connection of board and board connector


The board to board plug socket is used to electrically connect two separate circuit boards,These include a first connector to the circuit board guide and a transport connector for a serial connection to the first connector.

The first connector has a first terminal connected to the board guide and a body containing the first terminal.

The transfer connector has a second terminal and a body containing the second terminal. The two extended ends of the second terminal can be inserted separately from the first terminal.

To achieve a conductive connection with the first connection arranged on the two circuit boards, wherein the first terminal and the second terminal are provided with an elastic part with a reverse bend at both ends.

And the body and the second terminal can choose the appropriate extension length according to the standard of circuit board spacing.


2. Fault handling of plate-to-plate connectors


Once the product fails, it can be judged that the reason is the use of broken wires, loose products and so on.

The frequency of the intermediate filaments is not high and most of them are intermittent at the joints, so the focus of the inspection should be on the sensors and the connecting wires.

Check to see if they have loose or poor contact problems.Generally due to circuit fault caused by poor contact, mostly due to product end corrosion.

External fouling enters terminals or connector sockets, resulting in reduced contact pressure.To handle this failure, you need to remove the connector and then re-insert it,
Change its connection conditions so that it can resume normal contact.

How to choose the right connector

How to choose the right connector

(1) A good conductive properties

Low-frequency connectors required insulation resistance and high dielectric strength, and general contact with the ground between the insulation resistance should be greater than 1Ω.

In 0.44MPa’s low pressure, the test voltage of 500V, do not arcing and breakdown phenomena. High-frequency connectors, in addition to the above requirements are met, the requirements of the high-frequency dielectric loss, dielectric constant is small.


(2) High temperature

Heat distortion temperature above 200 ℃, high temperature resistance in the surface mount technology or welding and can be resistant to heating temperature of the usual connectors.


(3) The performance of the arc resistance

To ensure that resistance to arcing in the patch installation process damage to the plastic.


(4) Flame retardant

To prevent the occurrence of short circuits, abnormal fire in order to avoid the health hazards of toxic gases, it is best to use halogen-free flame-retardant materials.


(5) Excellent physical properties

Toughness to prevent thrust; high flexural strength and to prevent the deformation of the force.

Specific test conditions for shock and vibration conditions (vibration frequency 20 ~ 60Hz, acceleration of 5g), and plug the 500 The plastic parts do not appear to mechanical damage and fracture phenomena.


(6) Applies placed Insert

Linear expansion coefficient is small, still firmly insert links to the temperature change.

High dimensional stability in the specific use of the process, force creep is small, does not warp, after warming, small expansion. General requirements for dimensional accuracy to maintain contact between the pitch of the six.


(7) processing flow is better

To comply with the requirements of an increasing miniaturization of electronic connectors.


(8) Good solvent resistance

Plastic parts affected by the solvent effect should not be subject to corrosion and cracking.


(9) Does not produce corrosive gases

Plastic parts during use should not generate corrosive gases, the silver layer to prevent the conductive properties affect the connector contacts.