Basic knowledge of PH2.0 connectors

Ph2.0 connector we also call line to board connector one of them, Ph2.0 connector is imitation of Japanese IST connector manufacturers to develop a replacement connector, Ph2.0 connector connection has two types

Ph2.0 connector our company also known as A2001 connector, it is mainly composed of plastic shell, needle seat, terminal three categories, plastic shell The needle seat is divided into single and double rows, the connector mode is straight insert, bend insert, stick H these three, and another is to belong to the air connection, the main structure is composed of male and female plastic shell and male and female terminal combination together, the general company will adopt a single supporting way, such as: male glue plate end, female glue A with male terminal and so on,

Ph2.0 connector has buckle and no buckle points, its plastic material has been able to achieve a very high fire rating, the use of phosphor bronze material, tin plated surface, needle holder high temperature up to 260 degrees, widely used in household appliances, intelligent equipment

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Connector in the form of industrial connection

In industry, there are many forms of connector connection, the following several are more commonly used


1、Plug and unplug connection:


It is a versatile form of connection. When the plug and socket of the electrical connector are connected and separated, the direction of movement is usually reciprocating linear movement, without torsion and rotation, and only a small working space can be completed. Common plug and pull connection has ball or pin two structures. The connection form because there is no mechanical labor-saving mechanism, once misinserted, mechanical resistance increases significantly, can be found in time.



2、Cabinet connection mode:


Electrical connectors are used on certain devices that require blind connection near the frame to make electrical equipment lighter, smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable. This type of connection makes it impossible for the operator to feel the connection, so an accurate positioning device must be designed to avoid forcing the misplugged electrical connectors together, making it impossible to misplug. Cabinet electrical connectors usually use a floating or flexible contact design to ensure correct connection.



3、Thread connection:


A type of connection often used for electrical connectors with larger contacts and in strong vibration environments. This type of connection can be installed after the completion of the connection to prevent loose fuse. The connection is reliable but slow. .



4、Bayonet connection mode:


It is a reliable and fast form of connection and separation. Most electrical connectors in the form of card 121 connections have an intuitive display of proper connection and locking, which can be viewed through a small hole on the side of the electrical connector connection nut.



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Four ways to connect a connector pin

Pin jack is a kind of positioning joint connecting electronic circuit, which is composed of plug-in and connector, namely, we usually say pin and jack. In general, the pin and the jack can be completely separated. But the connection is stable when needed, so a pin jack can also be called a connector. A connector pin is a needle-like plug on a connector.



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The stable connection of pin jack is the basic requirement of the connector. However, there are a variety of connection methods, which are widely used including four kinds – lifting connection, bayonet connection, plug and pull connection, cabinet connection. The name gives you a sense of how the various connections are represented in the connector structure



1、threaded connection


The threaded connection is a threaded or explosive bolt structure. This kind of structural connection is more stable, but the loading and unloading efficiency is low.



2、Bayonet connection


Bayonet connection can see the obvious concave and convex groove on the connector, this structure can be fast loading and unloading, prevent misinsertion. But the production accuracy is high.



3、Plug and unplug connection


Plug and pull the connection is very simple, is the vertical friction between the pin and the jack bite each other, the separation is also linear movement, do not need to rotate, plug and pull convenient, widely used.



4、Connect cabinets


The structure is complex, and it is mostly used for electrical connectors on devices that are close to the frame and need to be connected blindly. It can make the electrical equipment lighter, smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable.



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Why do terminals of electronic connectors need plating?

We know that terminal connectors are indispensable for conducting current or signals in equipment, so why use electroplating process for terminal terminals of electronic connectors? LHE connector tell you why the wiring terminal should be electroplated?



1, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation such as nickel plating, chromium, zinc, etc.


we usually terminal materials for copper, iron, etc., easy to oxidize in the air, electroplating a layer of metal with strong oxidation resistance can improve the corrosion resistance of terminal, but also to ensure the performance of current, signal transmission.



2, enhance the conductivity such as gold, silver, etc.


in the original material such as iron, phosphorous copper conductivity is usually below 20%, for the low impedance requirements of the connector can not meet the requirements of the time, need n to be in the surface electroplating and other high conductivity metal can reduce its impedance



3, enhance electroplating adhesion (such as copper plating)for poor adhesion of metal, usually before electroplating copper bottom to enhance adhesion



4, improve solder (such as gold, tin, etc.)


Due to the poor adhesion of the original material to tin, the surface of a certain thickness of tin and other materials can improve the welding resistance of parts.



5, beautiful, such as gold, silver, town, etc.)


after the electron microscope terminal metal is usually more shiny and bright appearance than the material, it looks more beautiful



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How to detect the service life of the connector

the service life of the connector is the primary index to measure the reliability of the performance of the connector. With the increasing requirements for the fault-free performance of electronic products, improving the service life of the connector design has become a design orientation.



In addition, the increasing competition in the market also requires designers to find suitable materials in non-expensive alloys to reduce the cost of connectors.In many cases, the combined result of these trends is that the copper alloy of the connector operates closer to its performance limit.



Initial contact force is an important factor in connector design and material properties. Since the elastic deformation will be transformed into plastic deformation in the contact, the stress release will lead to the reduction of the contact force. If the contact force falls below a critical level, the contact will fail.



Therefore, predicting stress release as a function of time and temperature is naturally a key factor in ensuring connector reliability. LHE will discuss stress release testing to predict connector life



Stress release data are an effective tool for designers to predict the service life of electronic connectors and enable them to make decisions about the choice of contact materials based on the available data. These data are now widely used in the computer, communications and automotive electronics industries.


At present, data about the life cycle of products is very scarce, especially in the field of computers. Not only that, but it is a much more useful piece of data for shortening product development cycles and lifecycles.



Stress release data is used by most connector designers primarily to narrow the choice of contact materials according to application requirements. However, many designers are also seeking appropriate testing methods to more accurately predict connector life characteristics. This can greatly reduce the number of samples required for testing and the associated costs of testing many samples.

Automobile connector service life and layer metal relationship

Automobile connector manufacturers in order to prolong the service life of automobile connector, will be on the connector surface metal to resist oxidation, anti-wear, to prolong the service life. Does the quality of car connection gold plating affect connector life?



Automobile connector service life and the properties of mirror layer metal, and the connector in the process of gold-plating problems, will lead to color difference when later used.


1、There are impurities in the gold-plated raw materials, which will lead to color difference of the coating metal of the automobile connection terminal



In the production of automotive connector terminal plating liquid material, the impurity exceeds the tolerance of the plating liquid, will affect the color and brightness of the gold layer. Organic impurities will make the metal layer appear dark and flower phenomenon metal impurities interference will make the coating red or even black



2、gold-plated current density is too large, will also affect the auto connector terminal color difference


In the calculation of the total area of plated slot parts, if the error of numerical calculation is greater than the actual surface area, it will make the gold plating current abnormal, visible metal layer red.



3、The aging of the plating solution will also affect the result of the plating of the terminal of the automobile connector


The use of gold plating solution is too long, easy to make the excessive accumulation of impurities in the plating solution, easy to cause the abnormal color of the gold layer



In addition, the mutual insertion and removal of gold plating will also easily lead to the coating effect of the terminal of the automobile connector, which will affect the service life of the automobile connector. T

Factors affecting the performance of the connector

Connector is the full name of a component used for wiring and electrification. Its plugging performance is mainly affected by factors such as surface state, contact material, positive pressure, current and operating voltage.


1.Surface state


Connector contact surface is a loose surface film formed by mechanical attachment of dust, oil and other deposits on the surface of the contact. This layer of surface film is easily embedded in microscopic pits on the contact surface with particulate matter, so that the contact area is reduced, the contact resistance is increased, and it is extremely unstable.

Another is due to physical adsorption and chemical adsorption formed by the pollution film, the metal surface is mainly chemical adsorption, it is produced with the migration of electrons after physical adsorption.


2.Contact material


Technical specifications for electrical connectors Different resistance specifications are specified for the same type of connectors made of different materials.

3.Positive pressure


The positive pressure of a connector contact is the force exerted by the surfaces that contact each other and are perpendicular to the contact surface. With the increase of positive pressure, the number and area of contact micropoints increase gradually, and the contact micropoints transition from elastic deformation to plastic deformation. The contact resistance decreases as the concentration resistance decreases. The positive contact pressure mainly depends on the geometry and material properties of the contact


4.Current and opearing voltage


When the connector voltage reaches a certain threshold, the contact film will be broken down, and the contact resistance will drop rapidly. However, due to the thermal effect, the chemical reaction in the vicinity of the film is accelerated, which has a certain repairing effect on the film. So the resistance is nonlinear. Near the threshold voltage, small fluctuations in the voltage drop can cause the current to vary in a range of perhaps twenty or tens of times.

When the connector current exceeds a certain value, the joule heat generated at the tiny point on the contact interface will soften or melt the metal, which will affect the concentrated resistance and then reduce the contact resistance.

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Common terminal plating type with distinction

Connector terminals are generally made of brass or phosphor bronze, but copper is easy to oxidize in the air, and it is easy to react with sulfide in the air to generate black copper sulfide, which increases the contact resistance or causes contact failure in wet environment.



So in the production process through high-speed punch molding after rolling and then to electroplating, according to the performance requirements of the surface coating material and thickness are different, different plating material and coating thickness also directly affect the cost of the connector terminal. Common electroplating types are gold plated, nickel plated, silver plated, tin plated, etc




Gold-plated cost is more expensive, generally on the power supply and signal transmission requirements of higher products will be selected, its contact stability wear resistance



2、Nickel plated


Nickel plating is optional, high hardness, good chemical stability and high utilization rate, but the weldability is slightly poor



3、Sliver plated


Silver plating can improve conductive contact impedance and signal transmission (silver is better, easy to oxidize, and also conductive after oxidation)



4、Tin plated


Taking into account the advantages of weldability, anti-sulfide and anti-oxidation, it can not change color for a long time in the air, and the electroplating cost is relatively low, so it is widely used.



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How can wire-to-wire connectors be used for excellent performance

Wire-to-wire connector is a conventional device used in the assembly of electronic components at present. Line-to-wire connector can make two single wires or two wires long-term connection, and it is widely used in fixed connection or IDC connection. In order to maximize the performance of wire-to-wire connectors, you need to do the following.



1、installation and docking under the guidance of more professional personnel


Want to use convenient wire to wire connector performance is more excellent, you need to pay special attention to the method and skills in the installation and docking, generally recommended under the guidance of professionals to wire to wire connector operation can be installed more closely and reduce the damage caused by mistakes.



2、Proper use is also key to ensuring proper performance


Quality assured the line to line connector manufacturers think that the correct use of equipment and the use of equipment will have to strengthen the role of the performance of its, because use the line to line connector equipment under the condition of the normal operation of the circuit, voltage and so on various aspects are normally won’t have any problem, so natural line of wire connector can continue to keep stable performance.



3、Maintain the equipment regularly and carefully


Regular maintenance of line to line connector also can greatly improve its performance, especially in some factories or line to line connector used under special circumstances are influenced by the surrounding environment, if long-term does not clear, it is likely to cause line to line connector in dust or damage, etc., may also affect the performance of the play.



Wire to wire connector in the use of the process should first pay attention to the installation, the general recommendation of installation under the supervision and guidance of professionals to avoid damage to the wire to wire connector; Secondly, the equipment using wire to wire connector should also ensure the normal operation of the equipment once the number of problems will also cause a certain impact on the connector.

As for regular maintenance, every equipment and device should have it. Only by regular maintenance can problems be found and maintenance in advance can ensure its performance.

Connector not sure which one to choose? You can follow this step to choose

Connector as a special product to provide data, current and signal interconnection for electronic equipment, is an indispensable part of electronic equipment. As a basic and key professional field, connector products have a wide variety of parameters, strict requirements, a wide range of applications, so the professional requirements of procurement personnel are very high.



To reduce the difficulty of the procurement process, LHE reminds you to consider the following points when selecting connectors:



1、Determine the connector type.


Connectors include round, rectangle, T, bar, etc. The difference in shape has a significant impact on performance. Therefore, you need to determine the type of connector you want.



2、Determine the installation and connection mode of the connector


Connectors are available in four installation modes: straight-through plug, Angle plug, trunk socket, and panel mounting socket.


3、Determine the terminal shape of the connector.


Select male and female terminals. But general manufacturer can be purchased by pair, also can buy alone.



4、Determine the number of cores.


The number of cores in a connector is also known as the number of contacts, pins, pins, or poles. Is the key of connector electrical performance. Should be selected according to the desired current.


5、Determine the connection mode of the connector.


Connectors will use welding, crimping, pressing and other connection methods, different ways of cost and firmness will be different.



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Types of common terminal

Wiring terminal has various types and modes, among them, common types of terminals are as follows.


1.The wiring terminal of plug and pull type


The product is connected by two parts. One part of the wire is pressed down and then inserted into the  other part, which is then welded to the PCB board. The mechanical principle of the bottom connection and the anti-vibration design ensure the long term airtight connection and the reliability of the finished product.


The wiring terminal of plug and pull type


2.The wiring terminal of fence type


The fence type terminal can realize safe, reliable and effective connection, especially in high current, high voltage is widely used.


The wiring terminal of fence type


3.The wiring terminal of spring type


The wiring terminal of spring means a new type of terminal, which using spring device, has been widely used in the world of electrical and electronic engineering industry, such as lighting, elevator control, instrumentation, power supply, chemistry and automotive power.


The wiring terminal of spring type


4.The wiring terminal of rail type


The wiring terminal of rail type adopts the design of pressing line and unique thread self-locking. It makes the wiring connection reliable and safe. The series of wiring terminal appearance is beautiful and generous, can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as short circuit piece, identification bar, baffle, etc.


The wiring terminal of rail type


5.The wiring terminal of through-the-wall type


The wiring terminal of through-the-wall type uses screw connecting wire technology, the insulation material is PA66 (flame retardant grade: UL94,V-0), and the connector adopts superior highly conductive metal material.


The wiring terminal of through-the-wall type


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Three types of connectors


The general connectors can be divided into three types, such as wire-to-board, board-to-board and wire-to-wire. Let’s take a look at their differences and applications.


1.Wire-to-board Connectors


It’s a connector that connected wires and circuit board, which main function is to transmit power and signal. The wire-to-board connector is arguably the ancestor of all connectors. Depending on the use and requirements, there are numerous types of line-to-board. But in the information industry, it is mostly based on the distance of the pin as well the transmission of current and voltage to distinguish.


Wire-to-board Connectors


The main applications of wire-to-board connectors include commercial electronic equipment, household appliances and other general industrial and commercial areas using auxiliary circuits.


Board-to-board Connectors


2.Board-to-board Connectors


At present the board-to-board connector has the strongest transmission capacity among all connector products. The main spacing of the board to board connector is 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.635mm, 0.8mm, 1.00m and 1.27mm.


The main spacing of the board to board connector


Board-to-board connectors are mainly used in electrical power system, communication network, financial manufacturing, industrial automation, medical facility, office equipment, intelligent household electrical appliance, military industry manufacture and other industries.


Board-to-board connectors are mainly used in electrical power system


3.Wireto wire Connectors


It includes two forms of wire-to-cable or cable-to-cable, the defining feature is two single-thread individual or a permanent connection between the corresponding leads of the two cables. This type of permanent connection is common in fixed-connection of wire-to wire connections and IDC connections.


used in automotive, communications, consumer electronics


Wire-to-wire connectors are mainly used in automotive, communications, consumer electronics, data processing, industrial machinery and other fields.


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