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Connector for Security class

Connector for Security class

In any security system, it is important to have the right connectors to ensure that the system is secure. The wrong connector can allow access to the system that should not be allowed. There are many different types of connectors, and each has its own purpose.

Connectors in the security monitoring industry

The security surveillance industry is highly adaptable and selective in terms of installation positions, and each monitoring device usually uses a connector product for signal transmission. We can see that surveillance cameras usually come with a port and wire above, and the combination of wire and port is what we call a terminal connector in the industry. Terminal wires are widely used in the security monitoring industry, which not only improves installation simplicity, but also saves installation time and wire costs for installers.

The security monitoring circuit board uses the wire-to-board connection mode. Oftentimes, a white wire-to-board connector will be present on the electronic circuit board of security equipment, and the arranged copper contact parts can be seen plainly on it. This type of connection is also frequent in set-top boxes, medical monitoring, and laboratory equipment.

The other end of the wire is connected to a connector on the board, which corresponds to the plate one by one. This connection mode is simple, easy to operate, and provides some protection. For example, if we weld the wire to the board, if the wire is accidentally pulled out and inserted, it will damage the board, and in serious cases, damage the board. The connector will be separated under excessive force, thereby reducing the chance of plate damage.